How An Ebike Kit Can Make Your Bike A – Super Bike?

Bikes have become a part of the green world. You can ride a bike to go to your school or office. A bike ride is beneficial in many ways.

How the latest technology can make a bike faster and smarter?

Bikes used to be a ride for the kids. But, at present the World is different. Everybody wants to travel alone. Gatherings and crowded places are avoided. That’s why bikes have emerged as a hero to save the day.

In reality, bike riding is good for your leg muscles and knees. Moreover, bikes can also help you to burn energy. As a result, bike riding can help you to keep yourself fit.

Buses or trains may come late. So, you may have to wait for them, but a bike can make you independent. You can travel long distances on a bike. You can reach your destination on time and you don’t have to wait for any rides.

Bikes don’t run on gases or liquid fuels. So, by riding a bike you are actually saving our lovely environment. That’s why more and more people are choosing bikes to save our Earth.

Now, bikes have one small problem. They are not fast enough. However, technology has evolved everything. So, there is a way through which you can make your bike faster.

An electric bike conversion kit can be used to make your bike a ‘super bike’. This kit can be installed on any bike. The kit contains a powerful motor and a battery. Hence, you just need to charge your bike to reach your destination. – is a good website for buying an electric bike conversion kit.

An electric bike kit can make a bike faster. With the help of this kit, a bike can run at around 25 km/hour. Furthermore, a single charge can enable a bike to travel more than 40 km. This means the kit can make a traditional bike a modern one.

The best part of an ebike kit is that you can install it almost on any bike. A motorcycle is heavy. But a bike is easy to move. So, if you covert your bike into an e-bike, then you may not have to be stuck in traffic jams.

An electric bike kit has an LCD display and good controllers. Apart from that, your bike’s braking system will also be enhanced. Thus, an electric bike kit can make your bike a superb one.

So, if you want to travel with freedom, then you should choose an ebike kit. This kit can make a commuter’s life easier, safer, and faster.


How Can a Mechanic Help You with Your Car?

Chances are that you probably drive your car at least twice a day. When you have to drive to your work location and then drive home again, this puts strain on the countless moving parts of a car underneath the hood. Naturally, this means that these parts degrade over time and are eventually going to need to be replaced or fixed. If you want your car to be able to pass the MOT test, you will want to make sure that all of these parts are working as well as they can. The best people to contact who can help you with this is going to be a team of mechanics who specialise in caring for cars of all sizes, makes, models, and years.

What Can a Mechanic Do?

As you might be able to imagine, a team of experienced mechanics at a dedicated location will be more than able to take care of most of your car’s needs. Whether you need to have repairs done or you are looking for an MOT test centre in Littlehampton, you can feel confident knowing that a team of mechanics will work with you. Most mechanics can offer the following services:

  • General inspections and maintenance for your car
  • Dent removal and paint fixing
  • Performing fault-finding and other diagnostics
  • Working with cars, motorbikes, vans, and all other vehicles
  • Taking care of all MOTs, including Class 7

By working with the people who know what they are doing, you won’t have to give a second thought to the condition of your car. Instead, you can get ready to move on with your car that has been deemed both road-safe and road-legal.

Why Rely on the Mechanics?

There are certainly a lot of things that you can do for your car that do not require bringing it into the garage, such as changing out fluids and making sure that the tyres are full. However, there are some things that only certified mechanics can take care of, such as performing MOT tests so that you can continue driving your car.


Get Professional and Affordable MOT Testing on Your Vehicle Today

Every year, drivers are required to get a MOT test done on their vehicle to make sure things are running smoothly. Tests are made on your vehicle to ensure it is suitable to be on the road. Oftentimes, getting a MOT test can be pricey. However, it doesn’t always have to be.

Be sure to seek out only the best services around, but make sure you don’t go over your budget either.

The Process of Getting a MOT Test

As mentioned before, getting a MOT test requires a professional mechanic to examine various parts of your car to make sure they are working as they should. This includes checking the following:

  • External/internal lights
  • Seatbelts
  • Airbags
  • Brake systems

Without an up-to-date MOT test, you cannot legally have your vehicle on the road. That’s why you must make sure you are keeping track of your last test. Believe it or not, finding a cheap MOT in Fairford isn’t as difficult as you may think, so there should be no excuse for not getting one.

Contact a Service Today

Most of the time, a MOT test can be performed at any garage that offers other types of services for your vehicle. However, you may want to call ahead and make sure that not only are MOTs offered, but that you are getting the best price around.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to various garages until you’ve found the right place for you and your wallet.


Who Can Keep Your Motorbike in Good Condition?

There are many forms of transportation out there that you can consider, ranging from cars to bikes and motorbikes alike. Different kinds of transportation are going to need different kinds of maintenance, and as such, you are going to need to make sure that you can find a reliable mechanic whose experiences are tailored to working with your type of vehicle. For example, if you predominately get around with a motorbike, you are going to want to look for someone who is experienced in being able to repair and inspect motorbikes to keep them running and safe to use.

What Kinds of Service Can a Mechanic Offer?

More often than not, when you are searching for someone who can offer motorbike service in Camborne, you are going to want to look for someone who will be able to repair your bike and keep it well maintained. Most places that offer servicing for motorbikes are going to be able to offer a variety of services for your bike, including some of the following:

  • Offering secondhand bikes for those looking to take in a new ride
  • Breaking down old and unusable bikes into parts that can either be sold or used
  • Inspecting and repairing the motorbike as necessary
  • Offering the proper clothing and attire for motorbike riding

Just as you would take yourself to the doctor if you were sick or you would take your car to the garage if it isn’t running properly, you should always make sure to take your motorbike to a mechanic if it isn’t working as it should.

Why Should You Visit the Mechanic?

You should never try to provide repairs or care to your motorbike unless you know specifically what you are doing, otherwise you could cause damages that will be even more expensive to repair and may even be dangerous for your bike. By taking your motorbike to the experts the first time, you can feel confident knowing that you will be ready for the road once again.


The Role of Honda Motorcycles in the Changing Landscape of Transportation in the UK

Data from Statista indicates that transport is one of the largest industries in the U.K, employing at least 1.3 million people every year. While this was the case before, significant changes have happened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the public transport sector. More specifically, the number of people using public means of transport has greatly decreased, mainly due to the social distancing rules as well as lockdown and social isolation policies. Most employees in this sector also lost their jobs because of the recession and travel bans. Even so, the economy is gradually recovering from this although the lockdown still holds. Read on to find more about the state of transport in London.

The State of UK Public Transport during COVID-19

Motorcycles occupy a significant percentage of the UK’s private transport. To give you an idea, there were at least 1.1 million licensed motorbikes in 2016 alone, according to the Vehicle Licensing Statistics (VLS) Moreover, by the fourth quarter of 2020, this number had increased to over 1.35 million, with Honda being the most popular brand, as reported by Statista. This increase was largely due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions such as social distancing rules. It is worth noting that the used motorcycles market, too, has been booming during the pandemic. Some of the reasons for increased sales during Q4 of 2020 include: 

The social distancing policy, which compelled more people to purchase motorcycles as a way to avoid public transport and enhance safety 

The economic recession, which caused many people to opt for cheaper yet safer means of transport such as motorcycles 

Experts now predict a dry motorcycle market in the UK in case the supply fails to go back to normal. This is because the demand is rapidly outweighing the supply, leading to higher prices for motorcycles.

Honda Motorcycle Dealers London

So far, Honda remains the most popular motorcycle brand in London and other parts of the UK. Available in different models, Honda motorcycles give you the freedom of choice according to your needs and budget. They also exist in different types, including, among others, scooters, off-road motorcycles, and street models. While motorcycle prices vary from one place to another, purchasing it from a reputable dealer such as Motoden Honda gives you access to high-quality bikes at incredible prices. Take note that you should conduct your due diligence to know what specifications suit your needs. 


Similar to the rest of the world, the novel coronavirus remains a threat in the UK. For this reason, you should continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines such as social distancing measures. One way to achieve this is to become a motorcycle commuter. To get amazing deals on Honda motorcycles, contact Motoden Honda today.

Accessories & Parts

How to decipher the VIN code of your car?

Surely, you have used the VIN code for many things in your relationship with your car, whether it be dictated by an after-sales service or entered on a spare parts website or service calls, but what is that string of numbers and letters that appears in some places and documentation of your car?

What is the VIN number or code?

To begin, you should know that VIN is the acronym for Vehicle Identification Number, which you can free-check on It is a set of numbers and letters made up of 17 characters that help us to decipher a lot about our car as well as to obtain a lot of useful information. You should know that it is a global harmonization number used by all car manufacturers and beware because it is a unique combination of numbers and letters for each unit.

It is more than possible that in the market of classic vehicles (old second-hand models), we will not find the VIN. And it is because the VIN number has been applied in the market since 1980-1981. Before this date, each manufacturer had its own code with a unique alphanumeric system.

What is the VIN for?

As you are told, the VIN code or number is a unique identification tool that insurers, authorities, after-sales services, spare parts stores, and even the manufacturer itself constantly use to identify a specific vehicle and know all the details about it. However, where can you find the VIN code or number? As a general rule and with some exceptions, the VIN code is present in the lower right part of the front window, in some parts of the interior of the vehicle, on the driver’s door sill, in the engine compartment (next to the chassis), and of course, in the documentation of the vehicle itself.

How WMI code is decoded?

The VIN code is made up of 17 characters. The first three characters indicate the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). It is a unique combination that each of the manufacturers worldwide has and allows us to decipher the manufacturer and the place of manufacture. The first digit of the VIN number is the country of origin or the final processing plant. For example, if they start with 1, 4 or 5 it indicates that it was manufactured in the United States, 2 in Canada, 3 in Mexico, MA – ME in India, VA – h and VE in Austria, 6A – 6W in Australia, and so on. The second character identifies the manufacturing company. For example, Audi (A), BMW (B), Buick (4), Ford (F), Cadillac (6), Chevrolet (C), Chrysler (C), and so on. The third character combined with the first two can identify the type of vehicle, such as whether it is a truck, pickup, SUV or passenger car.

Repair & Maintenance

What Should You Look for in Car Body Repairs?

People drive their cars just about everywhere, and there is good reason for this. Cars are one of the most widely available and versatile forms of transportation that one can easily rely on, and as such, they are the most commonplace in most cities, towns, and villages. There are often times when your car can get damaged, whether that is by the environment or from another person. When your car’s body is damaged, it can look bad and nobody wants this to happen. Thankfully, there are people who specialise in repairing car bodies, bringing them back to a factory fresh condition.

What Will the Experts Do?

You may not realise how useful and how broad of a field car body repair in Bognor Regis can really be, especially if you have never looked into it before. When you bring in your car to be examined, you can expect some of the following services from the mechanics you are working with:

  • General crash repairs and inspections
  • Wheel alignments, refurbishments, and assessments
  • Repairing interior trim as well as exterior
  • Servicing the air conditioner
  • Repairing dents and scratches to the car’s body

When you bring your car in for a body repair service, you can feel fully confident that the car you get back will not only look as good as new again, but it will be ready to face the road once again as you drive away.

Why Rely on the Mechanics?

While there are certainly home remedies for trying to fix the body of a car, many of these remedies are only temporary, or worse, don’t even work and can cause damage to the car if they aren’t done in a specific way. Instead of potentially spending even more money because you damaged the body more, it is often best to have the expert get the job done right the first time, ensuring your car looks fresh from the factory by the time they are done.


Understanding Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training is also known as CBT. This type of training is to teach you how to operate and ride a moped or motorcycle independently. It was made mandatory in 1990 in the UK to help reduce accidents that were caused by inexperienced drivers that did not understand how to ride safely. Compulsory Basic Training lets drivers earn their license when they have passed the practical and theory tests. The CBT will be valid for two years after you have completed it.

You Can Expect

Compulsory Basic Training offers five phases that should be completed one-by-one in sequence. You will need to finish one phase before you move on to the next. Once your instructor is positive that you have learned what you needed to learn and have mastered the level of skill needed for each level, you can move on to the next level. The phases are listed below.

– The Introduction

– (On-site) Practical Training

– (On-site) Practical Riding

– (On-road) Practical Training

– (On-road) Practical Riding

After you have finished each phases satisfactorily, your award will be the DL196. The DL196 is a certificate of completion that will make all of your driver license entitlements valid.

There are few factors to consider about the DL196. After you have earned one, the entitlements included in it will good for two years. You will be expected to finish and pass your theory tests and practical application during this time frame as well. If you do not pass both tests during this two-year time frame, you will have to retake the CBT.

You should also know that if you passed the driving test and had an active DL196 at the time or passed the car test and CBT and earned a certificate, the certificate will not expire. However this factor is for moped use. If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, the DL196 will only stay active for a two year period.

Receiving the Best Possible Training

You can expect the highest quality of instruction and training at Motoden Suzuki. You will learn how to safely drive scooters and motorcycles efficiently with the right skill set. Our training was approved by the Driving Standards Agency, so you can have peace of mind that our instructors are authorized and excellent at what they do.

We are located in London E8, right next to the Scooterden. Our address is 507 Kingsland Rd. Our telephone number is 020-7241-1111. You can email Tim Carmichael.

Training Costs

If you choose weekday training with a hire bike the cost will be – £130*

If you choose weekend training with a hire bike the cost will be – £140*

* A hire bike includes use of the helmet, gloves, and insurance with no excess.

You will need to pay for all training charges for a Compulsory Basic Training class before your appointment. You can schedule special bookings or manage your payments by calling us at 020-7241-1111. You will need to give us this information when you call:

– Your entire name

– Home address

– Mobile and landline contact numbers

– Your email address

We Will Also Need:

– The two parts of your UK license

– If you are hiring a bike, whether you want an automatic or geared machine

– Your credit card information including the card number, security code, issue date, expiration date, and the issue number if applicable.

– The date and day of the week that you prefer to start training and an alternate day

If you are going to be using your bike, you must bring:

– Original cover note or insurance certificate

– The MOT for bikes that are older than three years

– A road tax that is valid

– Rear and front L-plates

We can also help with last minute bookings. Just call or email us so that we can schedule your appointment.


Cool motorcycle helmets for a Harley

We all agree that you need a great helmet on your head regardless of the type of bike that you ride. Nothing is as important as protecting my head while riding and selecting the best helmet is an essential part of my motorcycle shopping.

Harley’s helmets’ key features are safety first, adjustable fit, lightweight, comfortable design, and quality construction. For Harley enthusiast, I considered these full-face helmets to be worth looking for.

I have been a Harley-Davidson OEM parts dealer for decades so here are my best picks.

Biltwell Gringo full-face helmet

The helmet has high-quality features like conforming to all Department of Transportation (D.O.T) safety regulations. It has an expanded polystyrene inner shell that reduces the amount of energy moving to your head when a collision occurs. It also has an internal bio-form chin pad for comfort, an ABS shell that allows for extra durability, and a brushed Lycra liner that is removable. With this helmet, I can guarantee you maximum protection as you enjoy your ride.

Shoei Men’s Rf-1200 Anthracite helmet

The classy full-face helmet has unique features such as a dual-density EPS liner, a comfortable, lightweight design. It has adequate ventilation for extra comfort. It is compact, enabling me to move my head as I maintain my aerodynamic performance. It also contains four shell sizes that give me a customized and comfortable fit. For a Harley fan, you will love this helmet.

GDM DK-140-MB Duke Series helmet

The exceptional full-face helmet has several features and benefits, including conforming to all Department of Transportation (D.O.T) safety requirements, tinted visors that, when closed, they filter all the light you are exposed to via the tinted lens. I would not advise you to ride at night using a tinted visor. Double D-ring chin strap help ensure the helmet’s security since it has a few movable parts making it easy to open. It contains advanced lightweight poly-alloy materials and an aerodynamic design shell that help in reducing the drag pressure.

ScorpionExo Unisex-Adult full-face-helmet-style EXO-R410-helmet

The high-quality helmet brings with it some fantastic features. Some of them are durable polycarbonate shell that ensures when an accident occurs the force of impact spreads over a larger area of the head hence minimizing the trauma. The aero-tuned ventilation system helps ensure that I am comfortable and enjoying a more relaxed ride. It also has a washable antimicrobial liner.

I highly recommend the Harley helmets since they ensure improved visibility by offering high-quality visors. They protect you from permanent injuries that can lead to disability. Plus, you want to look cool riding a Harley.


Being Safe While Motorcycle Training

Safety should always be your priority if you are undergoing motorcycle training, or riding a motorcycle for the first time. The aspect of safety is applicable to the riding gear and clothing, the motorbike, and the way you ride etc. Do not forget, riding a motorcycle could be exciting and fun – more exciting and fun than driving a four-wheeler. But it is also more dangerous than driving a car. Therefore, it is paramount to be safe while riding. We will look at some motorcycle training/driving safety tips in this article, or learn how to be safe with motorcycle training.

Purchase a Bike You Can Handle

Start with a fairly modest bike If you are returning to riding after a long time or are new to motorcycles. Do not go full-throttle! The performance of modern bikes has advanced at a rapid pace. A novice would surely not be able to handle more faster and powerful bikes. Therefore, start with a bike that fits you. The motorbike should not be too tall and it should not thwart you from resting your feet flat on the ground while you are seated. Controls and handlebars must be within reach.

Antilock Brakes

Antilock brakes could be likely lifesavers. According to data provided by IIHS, motorcycles built with ABS brakes are 37% safer than bikes not sporting such brakes. You cannot brake better than ABS brakes even if you are the best rider in the world. Bikes that do not have ABS brakes could rob a rider of steering control each time a bike locks up the brakes, easily leading to crashing, skidding, and serious injuries. During such panic scenarios, ABS helps retain steering control, thereby moderating everything negative associated with non-ABS brakes.


A motorcycle riding or training course is necessary for novices. Also, seasoned riders can always learn something new whenever they return to the training shed. These programs apart from teaching the basics, also throw light on advanced riding methods, like performing evasive emergency maneuvers. Be prepared to spend a few hundred pounds or more on these courses. You could even qualify for insurance discounts through approved safety courses, and, in some places, you may not have to take up the road test or the written test during the licensing process. If you have completed training, you can avail of credit provided by certain motorbike makers toward a new motorcycle’s cost.


Probably the most important riding gear you would wear is the helmet. Based on stats, riders not wearing a helmet are thrice more likely to incur brain injuries and 40 percent more vulnerable to fatal head injuries during a crash. Contact London Motorcycle Training if you would like to learn more about the implication of wearing helmets and everything else there is to riding safety and motorcycle training.