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All You Need To Know About MOT Testing

A Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is a yearly inspection on any vehicle to assess its safety and emission level. Numerous checks and tests need to be carried out to assess a car on this and usually takes around 30-40 minutes. In the UK it is a legal requirement that all vehicles older than three years get MOT tested.

The regulations of MOT testing at MOT centres are enforced by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). VOSA overlook all aspects of MOT’s and say what requirements need to be met to ensure vehicles are safe.

Vehicle owners are held responsible for ensuring that their car has a valid MOT certificate and must get their car tested every year. An MOT certificate is one of the most important parts of owning a car as you won’t be able to purchase road tax without a valid certificate and also your car insurance will be made void. It is advised to take your V5 logbook with you when you go to get your car MOT tested.

So when can you book an MOT? You are allowed to renew your MOT certificate within 28 days from when the current one expires. If you have a newer car you must get your first MOT within the 28 days before it turns three years old. If you take the current certificate when you go for your MOT then the new expiration date will be matched to the current MOT certificate. There is no grace period after your certificate has expired so if you have forgotten and gone past your expiration date then you will not be able to drive your car unless you’re going to a pre-booked MOT test centre to get the car checked. The reason for there being no grace period is because you can take your car to be tested 28 days before it expires and they will pull the date forward to match the old one so you don’t lose out on time. If you do go past your MOT date then make sure the only driving you’re doing is to an MOT test centre.

Your MOT assessment will be made based on your cars condition at the time of the test. If your car fails on any of the checks then these issues will need to be fixed before you can be given a new MOT certificate. If a vehicle fails an MOT test you will be given a report describing the issues. These issues need to be addressed then you can get a re-test which I know at my MOT Norwich centre don’t charge for and I think most test centers don’t too. If you take it to a different place however you will get charged again. The free re-test only applies if your return your car within 14 days from the first test.

If your car passes an MOT with flying colours then you will receive a brand new MOT certificate and you can drive away good to go for another year. Sometimes you may pass an MOT but the inspector will have spotted certain issues that will arise before your next MOT test and will need looking at in the coming months. These problems with be explained in your detailed MOT report and should be looked at as soon as possible before they cause more problems.

Not any car mechanic can carry out an MOT test. The MOT test centre and tester themselves must be licensed and registered with VOSA. If they are not then the MOT certificate won’t be valid so it is best to make sure all garages and testers have the necessary licensing.

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Can a Water Powered Engine

Figure how much better life might be if you can use water as gas. Figure how better life could be if you could cut your trips to the gasoline post in half and actually keep a part of the salary and no huge amount of your net income pour into the gasoline tank 2 or three occasions regular .

There is not a doubt, the current fuel costs rip a huge hole inside the Americans’ pouches and donate on to a decrease in spending to profit. Water for fuel looks more and more like the solution. People even need to carry credit card balances or savings deplete only gas in the vehicle to go to work.Sunday drive through the nation? Forget it! A road trip this summer? Not likely, if you do not can to discover some relief from all the high cost of gas.

Well, the circumstances of just how they are really, the effort to think about techniques to save cash on gasoline now. A viable option worth considering is H2O for fuel. Replacing your total dependence on gas having a device that your car burning water as a complement to gasoline, very your dependence on expensive gas and save cash.

That’s right, I said, liquid for gas. Water is easily the most abundant organically occurring thing on our environment. The inexpensive stuff you need to pour into the sink, spray on your own yard, and use pleasing tea. Water can actually fuel your car!

Today, everyone understands that vehicles run on petrol, no liquid, but advances in technologies have led engineers and inventors up to a strategy that can enable you, a standard individual that is ill of tall gasoline costs, your vehicle should be amended to the car runs on liquid, in addition to gasoline. For a relatively small amount of money, you need to use a conversion kit guide that straight-forward, step-by-step instructions about how to turn your engine, therefore you utilize less fuel and depend on H2O to power the car offers. You require a water-powered car.

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Why Checking Your Tyre Pressure Is Vital And Important

You have probably heard the phrase ‘walking on air’ meaning a very happy frame of mind. But when you are driving (irrespective of your frame of mind), you are actually riding on air. The inside of your tyre contains compressed air, which supports the weight of your car and also absorbs vibrations, cushioning your ride.

The pressure of the air in your tyres is crucial because it not only affects the vehicle performance, but is critical from a safety point of view.

Thus checking tyre pressure is both vital and important.

Unfortunately, several motorists take tyre pressure for granted.

Some Shocking Statistics

According to a survey conducted by the RAC Foundation, 2 million motorists in the UK never check their tyre pressure. The survey further discovered that half the women drivers and a majority of young drivers do not know the recommended tyre pressures of their vehicles. The Tyre Industry Council found that at least 90% of the cars tested as part of a tyre safety campaign had under inflated or over inflated tyres.

These statistics become all the more chilling when taken in conjunction with this one – 75% of all accidents caused by tyre blowouts are attributable to incorrect tyre inflation.

It does seem a shame that so many accidents and injuries (some fatal) are occurring when the solution is as simple as checking your tyre pressure regularly.

Dangers of Improper Tyre Inflation – Why Checking Tyre Pressure is Vital

Over inflated tyres have a reduced surface contact patch. As less of the tyres touch the surface, you experience greater bouncing and ride comfort goes for a toss. Not good news for your back and spine surely, particularly if you have a long commute every day.

Also grip reduces, as the contact patch has been compromised and you would find it more difficult to steer and brake. So all in all, your control on the car is compromised. Not a very appealing prospect, is it?

With under inflated tyres, the risks are even higher. Having the exact opposite effect as over inflated tyres, the under inflated tyres have a greater than normal contact area with the driving surface. This increases friction and generates more heat, increasing the chances of a tyre blow out. Again, the increased friction can affect your ability to steer the car as precisely as you would like to.

Why Checking Tyre Pressure is Important

Well if you have not (yet) been motivated by the above ‘life-saving’ reasons to maintain optimal tyre pressure in your car, here are some more reasons.

Improperly inflated tyres wear out faster. And you will need to buy new tyres at very frequent intervals.

When air pressure in your tyres is not at the recommended levels, the fuel consumption is higher. Handy hint: if you are finding yourself at the fuel pumps all too often, it is time to check the tyre pressure.

And oh, yes, if you are a bit of an environmentalist, you will be happy to note that driving on tyres with the right air pressure optimises fuel consumption and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Thus you are doing your bit for the environment.

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Is your Junk car annoying you: scrap it and make money

Cash for junk cars is a win for both junk car owners and the salvage yards. In the past, people jumped a lot of hoops just to get rid of their junk cars. It may never have occurred to them that there will come a time when they could simply have someone not only pick up the car, but give them money for it. Even nowadays there are a number of people that are not aware that these services exist and it may come as a surprise to them. It is, in fact, real. There are numerous companies that pay cash for your junk car. As a matter of fact, junk car removal has grown into an enormous industry with a plethora of salvage yards competing to pay owners well for junk cars and remove the cars from the owners’ yards sometimes at no cost. If you have your old, useless junk car lying around your garage, driveway, or yard, you probably want to get rid of it for a number of reasons. The rusty car in your garage can be a health risk as it can pollute your water and soil.

However, it may be in no condition to be driven off the yard since its engine is no longer running. In this case, you should consider calling one of many junk yards that pay well for junk cars to come in and get rid of the vehicle. This also applies for totaled cars that have been written off. When you find a junk car removal company that offers cash for the junk car and removes it from your yard for free, what more could you ask for?

What’s in it for the junk car removal companies? You wisely ask. This is neither charity nor government work. These companies also stand to benefit from your junk car, which is why they offer cash for junk cars. Your old, rusty junk car is bound to have some functional parts that are still in good condition. The salvage yards take the junk cars apart and sell these parts, some of which are always in demand. The rest of the parts that are not functional and in poor condition are sold to vehicle manufacturing companies, which use them to build newer versions. The metal shell is either sold to metal recycling companies or recycled by the junk yard itself.

So how do I go about the process of getting cash for my junk car? You ask again. You will be happy to know that getting paid for junk cars is a simple, easy and quick process. First, choose one from a number of reputable a Florida Junk Yard You can ask around among friends or search for one online. Once you identify a good one, call and give the details of your car in order for them to get an offer. Compare different offers and pick the best. Thereafter, give the selected junk yard your address and schedule a pick up. It is really that simple!

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Routine Transmission Service Save Yourself From Costly Car Repair

We are living in days where people prefer to travel through the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation as much as possible. This is made possible with the emergence of technology. People today became slaves of this technology and now they cannot do without vehicles.

Today, owning a car is not anymore a luxury. It has actually become more of a necessity today. It is not enough that you use your car. You also need to maintain it to make the most of it. It is for this reason that you need to get transmission repair done. Though may be expensive, service providers usually offer reliable services.

There are specialized outlets where transmission repair is usually done. The people working here are professionally trained. The cold weather is not so good for your car, particularly snowfall. These people are well versed on car issues. They will take care of all the damages in your car whether it is about Clark Transmissions, gear box and other mechanical parts. Rest all your worries on them and worry no more that your car will break down in the middle of the road.

But in cases that your car breaks down, these reliable transmission shops are of great help. They will tow your car. They have helpline numbers that you may call to attain of their services. In case that your transmission breaks down, they will do transmission repair. This is not so expensive. In fact, it is quite affordable. Also, they have spare parts for your particular brands. So if your Dana Spicer Transmissions suddenly breaks down, you will not have many problems as you can rest assured that they will handle your issue very well.

Though you find nothing wrong about your vehicle today, it is still imperative that you take it to the workshops for complete car checkup. This will ensure that your car is free from damage even in those parts that are not easily seen. They will offer you special services for clutch and transmission repair. These two are the most used and usually damaged parts of the car so they require constant maintenance.

With a thorough research on the web, you can easily find the best service providers for all your car’s issues. You’ll also have the opportunity to compare their prices and get the best services at nominal prices.


Customizing The Scion tC Enhances Performance and Style

When Scion first released its line of vehicles, one of its first marketing campaigns included a strong push for car buyers to customize their vehicles. Now, over ten years later, the Scion tC has become one of the most customizable vehicles on the market, and many buyers purchase the tC simply because they can make it uniquely reflect their own personalities. This intelligent approach has resulted in a number of positive outcomes for the brand, and the tC has enjoyed a reputation among consumers as a high performance vehicle that can be designed to meet their exact specifications, while also maintaining sensibility and practicality. Additionally, the tC’s affordability has also contributed to the car’s popularity among customers, as the relatively low initial investment allows consumers to allocate more funds toward performance and style upgrades to their tC.

Performance Upgrades

There are a number of ways to upgrade the performance capabilities of the tC:

  • – Air intake
  • – Air suspension kits
  • – Brake kits
  • – Camber kits
  • – Cams
  • – Clutch kits
  • – Coilovers
  • – Downpipes
  • – Exhaust systems
  • – Spoilers
  • – Fuel pumps
  • – Headers
  • – Intake manifolds

One of the most appealing aspects of the tC is that it already boasts high performance capabilities when it is driven off of the lot for the first time, but that does not mean that upgrades cannot be made, only that those upgrades will enhance the performance of an already solidly performing vehicle. With so many options available, consumers can significantly upgrade any number of aspects of the tC.

Style Upgrades

There are also a number of style upgrades available for the tC and the great thing about the tC is that customers no longer have to focus on one aspect or another. With the tC’s relatively low MSRP, there are enough funds available for customers to enhance both the performance aspects and the style aspects. It is no longer the case that one has to be neglected in order for the other to be improved.

Increase the tC’s Value

The tC is already a valuable vehicle in that it performs well, it is sensible and it is efficient. It does not have to be upgraded at all to be a very functional and practical vehicle. When it is upgraded, the value of the tC can increase exponentially, especially when the upgrades are focused on both style and performance. Reselling the tC is generally an easy task, and if car buyers are looking for an opportunity to turn a profit by investing in customizing a vehicle, the tC is certainly a solid choice for this purpose. Many car buyers, however, invest in the tC with this purpose in mind and quickly become attached to the tC because of its style and performance capabilities.

Make the tC Unique

Investing time and money in a project of this sort is very rewarding, and one of the more rewarding aspects is the fact that tC owners are able to personalize their vehicles to reflect who they are as a driver, and focus upon upgrading the tC to best suit their driving needs. There is also a large community of tC customizers across the country that frequently meet up to show off their designs and share tips on how to improve upon a vehicle that is already so intelligently engineered.

Many consumers try to choose a car that best reflects their personality and style, and the tC is able to assist in that goal in a number of ways. Even before it is customized, it has so many diverse features that car buyers will often see themselves in some aspect or another, but customization allows for tC owners to truly reflect the style and sensibilities in the vehicle that the design and drive.

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Vehicle Tax Breaks for the Self Employed

There are a few important ways that you can reduce your tax bill if you’re self-employed and use your car or van for business use. There are various items that you can deduct from your business expenses income as running costs and expenses before you work your profits. But make sure you don’t confuse your private expenses with your business expenses.

You can claim tax relief for certain items known as ‘capital items’ or ‘capital expenses’ that were a one off cost incurred to improve or purchase an asset for the good of your business. This doesn’t apply to all items so it’s important to check for individual items but a van for example, will count as capital expenditure. As the item has to be as asset that you keeping order to earn profits for your business this will count for buying a van but not for hiring one short term although this may be covered in another type of tax allowance. These capital items will have to be shown separately on your Self-Assessment tax return.

You can also claim tax relief on outgoings like car and van insurance, AA or RAC membership, repairs and servicing and other costs involved in maintaining your business van. If you also use your van or car for personal use then there will be a proportion of the price that won’t count as business use as it will be for your personal use. This also includes costs such as speeding fines and the cost to travel from your home to your business.

One of the main ways you can reduce yourself employed tax bill is through deducting the cost of fuel used for business purposes. You can do this one of two ways, either by using a fixed mileage rate or by working out your actual expenditure from your records of business and private mileage. Many people opt for the first option and you can do this based on a few prerequisites, that the figure doesn’t exceed the governments AMAPs, approved mileage allowance payments, for the value at the time it’s used and this rate is published annually. Your business’ turnover cannot be more than the VAT threshold, currently £77,000, at the time the vehicle was bought. This also means you can’t claim capital allowances on the vehicle as the mileage expenses cover this cost in terms of depreciation. This VAT threshold is used purely as a benchmark and doesn’t actually have an impact on your VAT accounting.

The amount you can claim for your vehicle depends on what it is you drive, whether a business car, van or motorcycle. The current amounts for a business van or car is 45p a mile for the first 10,000 miles and then 25p per mile after.

Whatever it is you do for a living, if you use a car or van for business purposes then it’s really important that you keep up to date and fairly thorough records to back up the amounts you put on your Self-Assessment tax form. There’s loads of really useful information on the HMRC website. What’s great is you can claim the VAT back in any car or used vans Glasgow, exclusively for business use so you get to enjoy your hard earned cash without worrying about the tax man.

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How To Keep Your Fleet Cars In Top Shape

Even though petrol prices are already sky high and about to go higher, that isn’t the primary concern that most companies have when it comes to running their fleets. In a recent survey conducted by Alphabet, a fleet management firm, they found out that learning how to better control the costs associated with their fleets was a top priority. Richard Schooling, CEO of Alphabet, gave MT his best tips for maintaining your fleet without breaking the bank.

  1. Modernize Your Approach

If your company’s strategy for taking care of your fleet is woefully outdated, it won’t do you much good to scour the budget for ways to save money. Call in an expert to analyze what you are doing. You’ll learn ways to quickly cut costs.

  1. Rethink The Funding

The playing field for fleet finance has changes considerably since 2008 due to the meltdown in the banking sector plus changes in the tax code. Talk to a firm specializing in fleet finance and compare their offer with your current arrangement. You will save money.

  1. Update Your Choice List

The cars that you have available directly impacts the total operational cost of your fleet. Select cars to place on your choice list based on the estimated costs incurred over their lifetime. You’ll wind up with lower taxes and overall costs, less fuel consumption and emissions, and will have a fleet filled with better cars if you go beyond the cost per mile.

  1. Learn How To Plan For Lower Mileage

It’s important to plan your travel. Start by using a central system such as Mileage Capture to log all trips. Better records will also discourage drivers from claiming too much in expenses.

  1. Lower The Cost Of Fuel

After depreciation, fuel is the second highest cost of running a fleet. To lower costs, try using fuel cards. You’ll have more control over purchases and there are no taxes due when private fuel is bought. The free fuel benefit comes with a high tax that makes in not worthwhile for most businesses.

  1. Limit The Number Of Repairs Needed

Accidents cost money in more ways than one. They include the repair price, uninsured losses, injury claims, rental charges, and time off work. Specialist accident management can help with this, In some cases, they are able to reduce repair bills by up to 30%, third party costs by 40%, and road time by 60%. Of course, if looking for repairs make sure that your trader has a traders policy.

  1. Explore Skills And Scale.

Outsourcing the management of your fleet might be a good solution. Newer technologies make running a fleet much more complex. Fleet management firms have the specialist skills and operate with an economy of scale that you can’t match.

  1. Prevent Problems With Good Drivers

When your employees are trained to be better drivers, you will pay out lower amounts for maintenance and repairs. Use targeted training and driver assessments to ensure that you are managing your road risks. Looking for a specialist, competitive insurer for fleet car insurance can help a lot too.

  1. Rethink Your ‘Grey Fleet’

When people only need to drive for business occasionally, it is fine for them to use their own vehicle. However, it is a false economy when a car is necessary for an employee to do the job on a daily basis. When employees use their own car, this is known as a ‘grey fleet,’ and it generally costs more and increases risk.

  1. Look Ahead To The Future

Fleets and fleet management is changing as innovative firms enter the field. They have exciting ideas about how to save money while keeping your company mobile. Stay ahead of the game by keeping in touch with leaders in the field who work hard to ensure your firm is getting the most out of its fleet.

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How to Assemble an Emergency Kit for Your Car

Having a car emergency kit is critical for any driver. Even if you make minimal trips in your vehicle, you just never know when you’ll run into an emergency. If you commute to work or drive long distances, having an emergency kit is even more important, because your chances of a disaster happening is much higher. As winter gets closer, it is a good time to start putting together your emergency kit. The next time you become stranded or drive off the road – or see another driver in need – you can pull out your kit and have the tools you need to survive, or help someone else survive. Here is how to assemble an emergency kit for your car.

First, you want to have one vessel or compartment that you keep everything in. In most cases, you want to keep everything in one duffel bag. You can then keep the duffel bag in your trunk at all times. If you have any medications that need to be stored in a cool, dry place – you may want to have a Styrofoam container where you can keep medications, like insulin. The last thing you want is for your medications to become damaged by the heat or extreme cold of your trunk.

After you have your container or vessel to keep your kit in, you want to start assembling the kit. In most cases, you want to start with first aid equipment, because this stuff will be the most important. When it comes to first aid equipment, you want to have items like gauze, medical tape, scissors, antiseptic, painkillers and gloves. If you start bleeding or have an open wound after becoming stranded, it is imperative that you treat the injury right away – waiting could cause an infection, which will undoubtedly make your situation much worse.

Next, you want to put together any tools that you may need in the event of an emergency. For instance, you want the classic staples, like a hammer, screwdriver and some kind of knife. You never know when you have to break open a window or slice off a seatbelt. You also want to have a flashlight and perhaps some emergency LED lights. For emergency lighting, you can head over to LED Outfitters, which has a large selection of these types of lights. When it comes to getting rescued, having lights to alert other drivers and emergency responders is incredibly important.

Lastly, you want to include all the extras in your emergency kit. These extras include a battery-powered radio, flares, car jack and any other items that may help get you out of a jam. Moreover, one of the most important things you want to keep in your emergency kit is fresh water. Typically, three or four gallon jugs will do the trick. You will need to hydrate yourself, especially if it is particularly cold or hot outside. In the end, survival is really a matter of preparedness, so you may want to think about creating your emergency kit today.