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Large Group Travel Solutions – Online Specialists

When 2 or 3 people are on holiday or travelling on business, hiring a car is the obvious choice, but when there are 6 or more people in the group, hiring a second car is an extra cost you hadn’t planned on. Most car hire companies would have a range of vehicles from a small urban hatchback to a large SUV, but even that would not be enough for more than 6 people, and with taxis costing a small fortune, it makes sense to source a car hire company that specialises in accommodating larger groups.

Online Solutions

There are such rental companies out there, and if you wanted a 7 seater car hire in Perth, for example, there are online suppliers who can accommodate your group, and at an affordable price. Large car hire companies would typically have a people mover, which can comfortably seat up to 8 people, and with all the luxury you would expect from such a vehicle, it makes large group travelling a pleasure. Some of the better rental companies would have a free quotation online form, and by clicking on the various options, you can receive an instant, obligation free quote for your desired vehicle.

Group Holidays

It is quite common for two families to team up for a joint holiday experience, and a single people mover would be the ideal transport solution, and much cheaper than hiring two separate vehicles. When you make your online booking, you can stipulate two or more drivers, which means a single person is not burdened with all the driving.

Advanced Bookings

When planning a holiday or business trip, it isn’t a good idea to leave things until the last minute. If you only wanted to rent a regular car, the chances are the rental company would always have something ready, but for a specialised vehicle, you had better book well in advance, then you can be sure there are no last minute surprises, which can really be a spoiler.

Affordable Rates

Some car hire companies price themselves out of the market, and once you have sourced the right vehicle, it won’t hurt to shop around and compare prices. The car rental industry is very competitive and with a little Internet browsing, you should be able to arrive at a fair price for the right vehicle.

Single Day Events

Very often a large group wish to join together for a unique day out. It might be a day at the races, or perhaps a wine tour, as a thank you to your loyal sales staff who have broken all the records this year, and if the number of people is more than a regular car could accommodate, a people mover is the ideal choice, and for that it would cost for a single day, it is by far the best transportation option.

While many car rental companies would stick to a set range of standard vehicles, there are a few that specialise in accommodating larger groups, but make sure you book well in advance, as people movers are very popular.

Used Car

Five Common Signs That You Should Seek Garage Services

When your car isn’t running well, you may put off servicing it to put off spending money. However, the sooner you seek servicing, the better. That way, you will avoid problems getting worse with neglect, which will keep you, your car, and your passengers safer. All you need to do is seek the right services.

Car troubles are common, but they should never be ignored. If your vehicle isn’t running as it should, you should try to have it serviced as soon as possible. However, in order to choose the right services, you will need to know what to look for. To learn more, read on to find out five common signs that you should seek garage services in Hertfordshire as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light

One of the most commonly ignored signs of a vehicular issue, your check engine light is there for a reason—to indicate when servicing is required. If your light comes on, it is important to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. An illuminated check engine light, however, should not be cause for panic. Instead, just seek servicing as soon as possible to have it checked.

Smoke under the Hood

Smoke coming from under the hood is never a good sign and should be taken seriously. The reason being is that smoke usually indicates overheating, which can really damage your vehicle.

Battery Death

If your car dies frequently, it is probably due to a battery problem. While the need for an occasional jump after leaving a car light on is normal, frequent jumping means that you should have your battery and vehicle examined as soon as possible.


Car leaks are also never a good sign. They may indicate anything from an oil leak to a transmission leak, depending on where the leak is coming from and the colour of the fluid that is leaking.

Used Car

Buying a Used Car from a Private Seller

Many people like to sell their car privately because they typically will make more money than doing it through a dealer. Many people like the idea of buying a car from a private seller rather than dealing with used car salesmen, who do not exactly have the best reputation. Regardless of who you buy your vehicle from, you must proceed with caution. There are private sellers who may be as unscrupulous as the professionals. Some may be lacking full knowledge of the state of their vehicle, so it is up to you to make sure everything is kosher before handing over that cash. Here are just a few tips for buying cars privately.

Make Sure Private Sellers are Just That

While most private sellers are legit, making this assumption could be a costly mistake. Some used car dealers try to get their less desirable pieces of inventory sold faster by posing as a private seller; this works to their advantage since the consumer is not entitled to as many legal protections compared to buying the car from a dealership. Some other people may try to make a business reselling salvaged vehicles in poor condition. When looking at used car ads, enter the phone number in search engines to see if it comes up in ads for any other vehicles. Call the person listed in ads that are listed just above and below the ad you are looking at—these people often use software that lets them put up multiple listings at once. If the person who answers the phone is the same one, major red flag. While it is possible a private seller may have more than one vehicle for a number of reasons, most tend to be selling just one. If the person has to ask you ‘’which one,’’ another red flag.

What to Pay

Going into the process blind with no idea of what the vehicles you are looking at may be worth will likely result in you spending more than you have to. Arming yourself with this knowledge gives you more confidence in the negotiating process. Guides like NADA and Kelley Blue Book can be helpful, but looking in your local newspaper and online classifieds will give you a better idea of what cars are selling for in your area. Deduct about 20 percent to get a true selling price. You can also call local dealerships and get a quote on the trade-in price for the vehicles you are considering. This number will be low, which is why many people opt to sell privately. But, it can be a good starting point to formulate your bid.

Determine beforehand what you want to pay for the car and the most you are willing to pay. Bring that amount of money with you. Keep the money for your initial bid separatefrom the extra. Flashing that cash when making your offer can really motivate the seller to act. If you have reached your highest price and still have not gotten the results you want, be prepared to walk away. Check back in each day and see if the seller will reconsider your offer—you never know when you may catch him in a state of mind where he feels a bit more desperate.

Get the Car Inspected

Before purchasing the car, an independent inspection is a must. It will protect you against dishonest people. It will uncover problems that the owner may not have any idea exists. Any hesitation on the part of the seller is a major red flag and you should move onto the next person.

Used Car

Visit Several Used Car Dealerships To Find The Best Deal

Are you currently searching for a good deal on the licensed per-possessed vehicle? Surprisingly, lots of used vehicle shops focus on getting there on the job late model automobiles that do not have lots of miles on it. You might want to perform a bit an investigation and visit greater than a couple of lots, however the extra effort may have compensated off when you get a deal on the vehicle that’s fit.

Before you begin going to everyone from the used vehicle shops in your town, you might like to discover how these places get the models they’ve available. Certain areas work directly with rental agencies along with other firms that have to replace automobiles that are members of a bigger fleet. Purchasing a per-possessed model which was when a rental or perhaps a courtesy vehicle is a superb investment. These automobiles will often have really low mileage, and they’re prone to happen to be maintained quite nicely. Many of these automobiles lack a few of the finer add-ons; however they usually originate from producers that obtain the best safety rankings. When you get a reasonable deal on a single, you should use the cash it will save you to include a Compact disc player or perhaps a GPs navigation system.

An especially savvy shopper will definitely wish to discover which used vehicle shops nearby offer warranties around the machines they offer. You might want to pay extra for that warranty; however it never is more expensive than $1500. This added charges are worthwhile, particularly if this means you will get the car dealership to exchange a costly part. Warranties can help to save motorists 1000′s of dollars in repairs.

Are you currently wishing to locate a certain brand name at among the used vehicle shops out and about? Contact every one of these companies and inform them particularly what you’re searching for. Hopefully, one of these simple places will phone you if they enter into having this type of vehicle. If you do not listen to the lots after several weeks, you might like to return together. It’s possible that somebody might have overlooked your request or forgotten to phone you about something available. These lots are extremely busy. Inventories can alter significantly in one day to another. That’s why it can be you to definitely be both persistent and patient. Eventually, you will find an automobile that fits all your needs.

Used Car

Why Buying an Old Car May Be a False Economy

Buying an old and inexpensive car typically looks like the cheapest option, but in reality it could prove to be a false economy. It is likely that you will have to pay more for repairs and maintenance, MOT costs can soon add up, and modern cars tend to be more fuel efficient, which means that you pay less at the pump. What’s more, it may even be possible to enjoy such preferential deals on newer cars, including interest rate deals, that you end up paying less or the same as you would for a nearly new car.

Discounts And Interest Rate Deals

Typically, low interest rate deals are reserved for those that buy newer cars, and if you intend to pay the cost of your car off over a couple of years, then this can make a significant difference to the total cost of buying and running a car. When looking on websites like Exchange And Mart, it is worth looking at some of the newer vehicles to ensure that you aren’t missing out.

Petrol Prices

Petrol efficiency has become an extremely important consideration to car buyers and, therefore, to car manufacturers. This means that modern cars are more efficient than older ones, and even if you only travel a modest number of miles every month, over the space of a year or two, the total that you save by buying a newer model could prove significant.

Maintenance Costs And Maintenance Plans

Although there is no guarantee, a newer car will usually be in better condition, and there is less chance of something going wrong. Old cars naturally have old parts, and even through general wear and tear, this means that they are more likely to break or become badly damaged. The older the car, the more difficult it is likely to be to find the parts, too, and this means that you may have to pay a premium just to replace a worn out part.

More Efficient Engines

Modern engines are more efficient. A modern engine, thanks to its turbo and other features and parts, can produce as much power as a larger but older engine. This means that you could end up paying less for petrol, less for tax, and you may even find that you pay less for your car insurance. Better efficiency also means fewer problems, and means that you will be less likely to have to buy a replacement car in just a few short months.

Used Car

Get a Better Deal on a Used Car in Swindon

If you’re looking for trustworthy car dealers, Swindon can cater for you. There are many great reasons for obtaining a used car from a dealer as opposed to a private seller. One of these is the fact that you may find it much tougher to return a car to a private seller if you find a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you when you bought it. Buy from a dealer and you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which means taking the car back shouldn’t be so problematic. What’s more is that most dealers belong to prestigious trade associations, and breaking the customer-friendly code of practice they have signed up to can mean being kicked out of them. This means it will always be in their best interests to treat you fairly and with respect.

Seek help from a friend

Why not ask a more experienced friend or family member for help if you don’t have the confidence to navigate the market alone? They should be able to point you in the right direction and prevent you from being ripped off. Do make sure you view any car in dry and light conditions so you can make a proper assessment and check all the paperwork to make sure everything adds up.

Check the documents

The person or dealer selling you the car should be named on the paperwork. If this is not the case, it’s wise to walk away. Approach the market sensibly and you should be able to strike a fantastic deal that you won’t come to regret later. More and more people are buying second-hand rather than brand new for many reasons, including avoiding the 40% value drop most cars see after just a year of use.

Used Car

Scouring South Wales for second-hand cars

If you require quality cars for sale, South Wales can cater for you. The region can offer fantastic brand new cars with all the latest features as well as excellent second-hand cars that will serve you well for years. There are scores of good reasons for buying a second-hand motor as opposed to a brand new vehicle. Buy a nearly-new car after it has been on the road for a year or so and you’ll be able to avoid the huge 40% depreciation drop seen by most cars during their first twelve months of use. Do make sure you take a good look at the paperwork and check that the details on the documents match up with everything you have been told, and look for evidence of a full service history.

Ask the questions you need to

Make sure you get to see the car in dry and light conditions when you head out to view it. Such conditions usually mean that faults cannot be hidden by darkness and rain. You should feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. You may even wish to run a quick history check if you require extra peace of mind.

Don’t be swayed by price tag alone

You’ll also need to ensure that you’ll be able to afford the running costs. A low price tag can be influential, but you’ll still need to pay for tax, insurance and fuel. Many drivers go through their entire road lives without ever buying a brand new car, expressing no regrets about doing so. The second-hand market can cater for a huge series of tastes, budgets and requirements. If you have never bought a second-hand car before, you may wish to ask a more experienced person to advise you and head out to the forecourts with you to help you avoid making a regrettable purchase.

Used Car

Find the Best Used Cars on the Market

Many quality used cars in Aberdeenshire can be found at Murison Cars Rosehill. The second-hand market can cater for a wealth of tastes and budgets, so help is at hand if you do need to obtain a vehicle but can’t or don’t want to fork out for a brand new model. Buy a brand new car and you may be shocked to see its value fall by 40% within just a year of use. This helps to explain why so many drivers are heading straight to the used car market when they need to replace their old vehicle. You may be able to make an exceptional saving by part-exchanging your old motor too.

Dealer or seller?

If you have decided to buy a used car, you’ll need to decide whether you want to get one from a dealer or a private seller. Buying from a private seller can be a big risk, and if you do discover a fault that wasn’t pointed out to you when you purchased the car you may face a tough battle to put things right. However, dealers are legally obliged to let you return a car if you do find such a fault, due to the Sale of Goods Act.

Examining a car

When you do go out to look at a car, make sure you’re given the chance to examine it in dry and light conditions where faults cannot be masked. Always take a good look at the paperwork and make sure it matches up with everything you have been told about the vehicle. You’ll also need to make sure that you’ll be able to stretch to the fuel and running costs as well as the initial price tag. Navigate the market sensibly and you should be able to get a great deal.