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Understanding Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training

Compulsory Basic Training is also known as CBT. This type of training is to teach you how to operate and ride a moped or motorcycle independently. It was made mandatory in 1990 in the UK to help reduce accidents that were caused by inexperienced drivers that did not understand how

Being Safe While Motorcycle Training

Safety should always be your priority if you are undergoing motorcycle training, or riding a motorcycle for the first time. The aspect of safety is applicable to the riding gear and clothing, the motorbike, and the way you ride etc. Do not forget, riding a motorcycle could be exciting and

How to Look after Your eBike

An eBike is very similar to a standard bike, but with the electrical components that have to be addressed first before any maintenance can commence including cleaning the bike. Most important is that the battery should be kept clean and dry at all times. If you have invested a lot

How to Prepare for a Motorcycle MOT

Motorcycles usually do not pass MOT testing if the lights are faulty or a reflector is missing. Sometimes, drivers are featuring the wrong-sized registration plates. To make sure that you pass your own motorcycle MOT test, you need to perform a pre-check. Conducting an MOT Pre-Check for Your Motorcycle The pre-check should

Some Of The Tips For Finding A Good Motorcycle Mechanic

A motorcycle is like a treasure that needs to be well taken care of. Buying a good motorcycle is one thing, finding the perfect mechanic is more precious than gold. The last thing you want is someone mishandling your motorcycle and making it worse. Of course there are those few

Motorcyclists, stay safe

With the weather starting to warm, and the rain, hopefully starting to abate, many motorcyclists in the UK are beginning to look forward to days and weekends spent touring on their bikes. It is estimated there are some one-million motorcycles in daily use on Britain’s roads. Out of 5-million full license

Weather Conditions and Your Motorcycle

Everyone knows that motorcycling is a fun and exciting adventure but different weather conditions can make for miserable outcomes. In the UK the weather is very unpredictable and different weather conditions can alter the way you drive your bike. It would be very silly to ignore some of the important

Hero Xtreme vs. Bajaj Pulsar – A Judgement

Hero MotoCorp, early this year, launched the refreshed 2014 model of its popular Xtreme. The new Xtreme accentuates the popular Honda design, fuss free ownership, reliability and value for money. Introduced originally in the year 2008, Hero Xtreme is a successor of the Hero Honda CBZ. It is a 150

Get the Right Biker Gear for Your Winter Joyrides

Picture this: You have just received the limited edition bike you ordered and are in a state of excitement as you wait to enjoy riding it all over the state. Winter has just set in and you feel that cannot stop you from enjoying your new bike. But, wait a