Get the Right Biker Gear for Your Winter Joyrides


Picture this: You have just received the limited edition bike you ordered and are in a state of excitement as you wait to enjoy riding it all over the state. Winter has just set in and you feel that cannot stop you from enjoying your new bike. But, wait a minute! Temperatures seem very different for a rider and a non-rider. The rider gets the worst of it.

Do not be dismayed by this wake-up call, gear manufacturers have already thought of your needs and there is a wide collection of biker gear you can get to make your winter riding safe and pleasurable. This guide will help you select the items you need most.

Speaking of safety, the first point is to maintain control over your bike by ensuring that the dexterity of your fingers is not compromised by the cold. You can achieve this by buyinghand-grips that can be heated so that your hands remain warm. This will ensure that regardless of the external temperature, your fingers will remain warm and in control of the bike.

The pleasure you get from your winter ride can be destroyed if you are cold throughout the duration of the ride. You also need to be kept warm, and there are several items that can help you do that. Vests and jacket liners that can be heated are your starting point. They are designed in such a way that they can be hooked onto the battery of your bike so that they get heated by energy from the battery.

You could also throw in heated pants for good measure, so that your upper and lower body is all evenly heated. This will ensure your entire body is at the same temperature, instead of having your legs “freeze” as the chest is “sweating”. Balance it out nicely, and the ride will be pleasurable.

Heated clothes will inevitably cause you to sweat at some point in your ride, so that is why you need to select a fabric made from material that is synthetic to be the first material on your body. This is because it will dry off quickly and leave you to cool off without the discomfort of wet clothes touching your body.

If it is winter, it goes without saying that waterproof over-pants are a necessity. They will not only ensure your legs remain warm, they will in addition help you combat moderate rain that may fall during your ride. You just need to walk into your favorite shopping center and choose from the wide array of designs, colors and sizes available to get what is best for you.

Another piece of biker gear that you will need is something that can cover you whole face, with the exception of the eyes that need to remain uncovered, for obvious reasons. A carefully picked balaclava can do this very nicely, and it will provide additional cushioning for your riding helmet.

When you have secured your collection of the best winter biker gear, feel free to rev up that engine and ride into the sunset while keeping in mind traffic rules and safety guidelines. Your new bike will reward you with all the pleasure you had envisioned!