Car Selling Techniques You Can Use In Your Classified Ad To Get The Best Price Possible


When you are selling your car through the classified ad system, one of the top concerns is always getting the best possible price for your vehicle. After all, people are looking for a car in the classifieds rather than going to a dealer directly because they are looking for a bargain!

Here are some car selling techniques that you can use in your ad to ensure that you garner as much attention as possible. After all, getting a great price on your car is a numbers game — the more eyeballs you get on your ad and the better car selling techniques that you use within the ad, the better price you will end up being able to charge.

1 – First, make sure that the headline of your ad grabs the attention of the people scanning the classifieds.

People are looking through classified ads may view hundreds, if not thousands, of headlines during a single day of cruising the ads. If the headline does not grab their attention, they will scan right past it and all of these fabulous car selling techniques that you employ within the body of your ad will go to waste.

2 – Second, make sure that your description of the car is colorful and engaging.

A dry recitation of the facts of your car is not enough to trigger people’s imagination and make them picture themselves behind the wheel of your car. Rather, use language that is descriptive about both the facts of the car and the emotion that goes along with owning the car — that is how you will get buyers most excited.

3 – Third, place the ad as widely as you possibly can.

Do not make the mistake of simply placing your classified ad in the one venues that you, yourself, tends to use the most. Many sellers use the faulty logic that just because they use a certain classified ad venue, that means that most other people do as well. However, to get the most exposure for your ad, place it in as many classified ad venues as possible.

4 – Fourth, include photos of the car from all angles.

People will feel most confident about calling to come see your car if they already feel that they have a good idea of what they will be seeing when they get there. By including many photos of the car, you will attract most in-person buyers.

5 – Fifth, include a video clip of the car in places where the ads allow for that.

Nothing engages an audience so completely as video. Video engages both the auditory and visual centers of the brain, which is why so many people love it. If you can include a video clip in your ad, make sure that you do that.

By implementing these car selling techniques in the classified ads that you place, you will ensure that you are able to charge the best price for your car that the market will bear.