Tips You Need Before Selling Your Car


When you have decided that I want to sell my car, you have to follow few steps. I am sure these tips will help you get an idea on how to sell a car. If it is a junk car try to obtain ownership of the car, as a legal business will only buy a vehicle from the owner.  Assess the condition of the vehicle to be sold. It is advisable to make a list of the parts that do not function properly. Check for tire wearing and state of the interiors. A salvage vehicle dealer may ask various questions about the condition of the car before offering a price, be prepared to answer them.

If you want decent money after you decide that I want to sell my car, it is advisable you repair the car. Get the car roadworthy and drive it to a salvage yard. If you want to sell your car, make it run, it will sell for up to 10 times more than the non-functioning car. Call up auto salvage dealers for quotes and see who offers the best price. Make sure the agency is willing to send a tow driver to your place. If the car is running, drive it to the salvage yard, it will certainly make a better impression.

What kind of cars sell

Sedans especially family sedans are in constant demand. As you decide I want to sell my car and if it is a sedan that has been lying there for quite some time now, it can mean  money in your pocket as sedans are basic inexpensive mode of transportation which are always in demand. An old sports car or a convertible though may sound lucrative are in seasonal demand only. Trucks and vans as used for business purposes have steady buyers and command very competitive prices.

Other things to keep in mind

After you have made up your mind that I want to sell my car, the first thing to do is check online classified ads to see how much dealers are asking for your type of car, Keep in mind that the prices differ with dealers and private buyers . Sites like eBay allow you to search with specific parameters. You can for example select the year and other trim levels of your car to find out how many similar cars are up for sale in the market.  This will allow you to offer the car at a competitive rate.

Finally when you decide that you want to sell your car, keep in mind that a clean car makes a good impression so keep it clean at best. Park the car with a for sale sign in a busy intersection or a parking lot. If and when a possible customer comes enquiring, provide all documented records even before the customer asks. Negotiate with a customer to the point that both of you feel like you have got a good deal. If the deal is finalized make sure you have the correct amount of cash or the check is cleared before you sign the papers. Now you can hand over the keys to your customer.