Some Of The Tips For Finding A Good Motorcycle Mechanic


A motorcycle is like a treasure that needs to be well taken care of. Buying a good motorcycle is one thing, finding the perfect mechanic is more precious than gold. The last thing you want is someone mishandling your motorcycle and making it worse. Of course there are those few things you can do on your own without much trouble, but at times you will need the expertise of a mechanic.

Experience of the mechanic

A good mechanic is experienced and can handle whatever problem you through at him. One of the common problem with motorcycles is the exhaust pipe. A good mechanic should help you identify the problem of the exhaust and whether or not you need to replace it with a different exhaust.

They will also help you in choosing a new model or recommend good models like the M4 exhaust. They have been in the business and can easily tell which is which. They know the most troublesome of problems and what works best. They can also recommend a specific model of exhaust or other spare parts that is most suitable for your motorbike.

Another important thing to remember is that just because one knows a lot about bikes doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to fix the problem. That’s why using your friend who knows it all is never advisable especially if it’s a gray area. An experienced mechanic on the other hand will practically have all the answers and solutions.

Do they have proper training

Part of what makes a good mechanic is training. There are those who are naturally gifted and they know one or two things about bikes. It is much safer to let someone who is certified or has received training from an experienced mechanic. Training is more than just a certification. Someone who has spent enough time around bikes and dealing with all sorts of problems they are more likely to identify issues. This is primarily because the extensive experience gives them an edge.

Choose a Professional

Of course no one hates cheap services but you have to question the quality. Part of being a professional means valuing the quality of work and earning an equivalent amount for the quality of services. A mechanic who is more concerned to make a quick buck can be very worrying. One who makes you understand what they bring to the table is more focused on offering quality services.

Part of being a professional means that he or she can relate with you i.e. the customer easily. Dealing with an unfriendly face can be troublesome as you might get off on the wrong foot in the very beginning. A warm serene is more comforting and it is easier to build a relationship. Having a go to mechanic is much better as they get familiar with the bike and if anything goes wrong they know how to deal with the situation.


As much as you are willing to spend anything for your bike, you don’t want to be overpriced. A good mechanic will not take advantage of your unawareness or lack of knowledge about motorcycles. You may not know the exact problems of your bike or even have a clue but that should not be an opportunity for them to rip you off.

Having a relationship with the mechanic is important. They will always count on you to go to them for their services and they will treat you accordingly so that they don’t lose you as their customer.


If it’s your first bike, it can be hard to know who to trust or go to. A good way to find out who is the real deal in the mechanic’s world, is through reference. Find out where your biker friends go to and how the services are. It may take a few turns or trials for you to finally settle on an ideal mechanic. You should listen to the kind of feedback that people give and what they say. A good mechanic will have a good reputation and a lot of supporting evidence.

Motorcycle model

Depending on what kind of model you have, it may affect the type of mechanic you choose. If you have the latest model that has advanced technology, you will need to find a mechanic who keeps up with technology and the new models in the market. New technology Showbox for pc windows 10 keeps coming up and not all mechanics may be familiar with the changes.

You want a mechanic who at the very least is familiar with the new technology in your model and can deal with it accordingly. Another alternative when it comes to complex technology is going to the manufacturer’s mechanic. They are properly trained and are familiar with the company’s new technology. Of course this may not always be convenient but you can find a local branch that they may have in your neck of the woods, this is assuming no one in your area is familiar with the technology.


Definitely the last place you want to take your bike is an unlicensed mechanic shop. You not only risk the possibility of your bike being mishandled but also poor quality of services. An unlicensed mechanic is operating illegally and doesn’t have all the right documentation for one reason or another. A licensed mechanic is trustworthy and has all the necessary things required to operate. Part of running a mechanic shop is having all the right equipment and the right personnel.


The location of the shop is also important. It can be frustrating if you can’t find a good shop nearby because it will mean having to take the bike miles and miles away. The first place people look for is local and around your neighborhood. If you can’t find a good mechanic shop in your area, you can still find it in another location but pretty much the closest.


The quality of services provided are important. You definitely want the very best for your bike. It may take a while to settle on a mechanic.