6 Steps To Import A Vehicle


There is actually more than just one reason why people would want to import a vehicle from one country to the other, and this article will explain not only why, but how it is done. If you are looking for a way to import to Australia, then you should probably look into a good import company with great offers; for example, you can always check out Dazmac.

Why do people import cars into other countries?

Sometimes, you will not be able to move your car manually to another country, meaning, you will not be able to drive it. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example, you might be moving to another country by plane, or it is more convenient that you move a different way than driving a car yourself, which is why you would want to import it to your new place, right?

Purchase your dream car and import it into your country

The six important steps to importing a vehicle:

  1. Do your homework

This is an important step for almost every little thing you do in life. First, you need to see if the vehicle you are trying to import is eligible in that country and which import option do you need to apply for. After that, check out all the costs that will be involved, together with other necessary agreements and the documentation.

What does the government agency require you to have? Sometimes you might even need the help of a broker too. The last thing you need to know is if you will need any modifications for the vehicle to enter the new country and what will be the risks?

  1. Apply for a vehicle

After you are done with your research you need to register with the department, if you are not already registered that is. Then complete the online for and pay your fee. That fee can vary, usually, it is about $50, but it is always good to know the exact price. If you are interested in importing your vehicle to AU, check out dazmac.com.au/cars-caravan-motorhomes-shipping-from-the-UK-to-Australia.html

  1. Import vehicle approval

When everything above is done, you will need to wait until your vehicle is approved. This approval will usually arrive via email, and there you will have all the conditions of use of your vehicle written, together with other necessary things.

There is more than one import option

  1. The shipping

Before the shipping takes place, your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned from the inside out. Sometimes even the AC gas will be removed, and the asbestos testing and removal will be arranged, if that is necessary.

  1. Customs clearance

You need to lodge an import declaration and pay the customs duty, goods and service tax, luxury car tax, and sometimes even other things might require to be paid for. All of this will be discussed with the ones who will be transporting your car.

  1. Meet the requirements and register

Before you are able to even ship your car, you will have to meet the quarantine requirements for the country where the car will be imported and you will also need to meet the approval conditions of that import. After that, your vehicle will need to register with the relevant State or Territory.

Final word

Importing a vehicle is not an easy job, but it is also not an impossible one. It is always a good idea to have a broker by your side to deal with all the paperwork, especially if you are not familiar with that. You can also hire different importers that can help you with this too.