Weather Conditions and Your Motorcycle


Everyone knows that motorcycling is a fun and exciting adventure but different weather conditions can make for miserable outcomes. In the UK the weather is very unpredictable and different weather conditions can alter the way you drive your bike. It would be very silly to ignore some of the important advice laid out below.


If you can avoid the roads when it is raining then do so as it can be very dangerous. Tyres struggle to grip well when there is rain on the road, causing the vehicle to skid when the surface is wet, especially when making turns onto roads and around corners. In times of rain think about your braking distance and the amount of pressure you exert onto your brakes. Sudden moves when the roads are wet can cause unwanted consequences so keep your speed steady and your steering gentle. Also it is wise to note that a bike cannot protect you from the rain, which in turn can reduce visibility, as there is nothing to wipe the rain away off your helmet shield. As it begins to rain it can bring up oil residue, which can furthermore make for dangerous conditions. Let the rain pass and wash away this substance before you embark on your journey.


Strong winds can cause an extra pull on the side of your vehicle resulting in your vehicle drifting from side to side. Always allow for extra space at the side between you and other vehicles in windy conditions. It won’t take much for a gust of wind to push you and cause a collision side on. It is also important to remember that wind can cause other debris on the road to be swept up and hit into you or your bike, which in turn can reduce your visibility if anything was to land on your helmet visor.


In times of fog ensure you are always visible to other drivers. Wear reflective clothing and ensure you have the correct lights on, not only so you are visible but also so you can see ahead. Animals may also be lurking around ready to jump out so make sure you put this into consideration when you drive in foggy conditions. Keep your speed down, use your mirrors and your lights.


Motorbikes were made for sunny conditions but these can also cause problems. In the rare times of sun, be aware of the glare it can cause especially when the sun is rising and setting. As always make sure your visibility is as clear as clear can be, sun in your eyes can cause accidents as you are unable to focus on the road and see what may be up ahead.

At Carry on Biking they advise that you always check the weather conditions before you start your journey. Think about your lights, mirrors, tyres, clothing and breaking distances. Always leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front. You can never be too safe.