The Role of Honda Motorcycles in the Changing Landscape of Transportation in the UK


Data from Statista indicates that transport is one of the largest industries in the U.K, employing at least 1.3 million people every year. While this was the case before, significant changes have happened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the public transport sector. More specifically, the number of people using public means of transport has greatly decreased, mainly due to the social distancing rules as well as lockdown and social isolation policies. Most employees in this sector also lost their jobs because of the recession and travel bans. Even so, the economy is gradually recovering from this although the lockdown still holds. Read on to find more about the state of transport in London.

The State of UK Public Transport during COVID-19

Motorcycles occupy a significant percentage of the UK’s private transport. To give you an idea, there were at least 1.1 million licensed motorbikes in 2016 alone, according to the Vehicle Licensing Statistics (VLS) Moreover, by the fourth quarter of 2020, this number had increased to over 1.35 million, with Honda being the most popular brand, as reported by Statista. This increase was largely due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions such as social distancing rules. It is worth noting that the used motorcycles market, too, has been booming during the pandemic. Some of the reasons for increased sales during Q4 of 2020 include: 

The social distancing policy, which compelled more people to purchase motorcycles as a way to avoid public transport and enhance safety 

The economic recession, which caused many people to opt for cheaper yet safer means of transport such as motorcycles 

Experts now predict a dry motorcycle market in the UK in case the supply fails to go back to normal. This is because the demand is rapidly outweighing the supply, leading to higher prices for motorcycles.

Honda Motorcycle Dealers London

So far, Honda remains the most popular motorcycle brand in London and other parts of the UK. Available in different models, Honda motorcycles give you the freedom of choice according to your needs and budget. They also exist in different types, including, among others, scooters, off-road motorcycles, and street models. While motorcycle prices vary from one place to another, purchasing it from a reputable dealer such as Motoden Honda gives you access to high-quality bikes at incredible prices. Take note that you should conduct your due diligence to know what specifications suit your needs. 


Similar to the rest of the world, the novel coronavirus remains a threat in the UK. For this reason, you should continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines such as social distancing measures. One way to achieve this is to become a motorcycle commuter. To get amazing deals on Honda motorcycles, contact Motoden Honda today.