How to Prepare for a Motorcycle MOT


Motorcycles usually do not pass MOT testing if the lights are faulty or a reflector is missing. Sometimes, drivers are featuring the wrong-sized registration plates. To make sure that you pass your own motorcycle MOT test, you need to perform a pre-check.

Conducting an MOT Pre-Check for Your Motorcycle

The pre-check should cover the following:

  • Lights: Check and make sure that all the lights are in working order. Inspect the warning lights, signals, and brake lights. Also, make sure that the headlamp is pointing forwards and slightly downwards.
  • Rear Reflector: Make sure that a rear reflector is affixed to the bike. If it is not there, install one. Without the reflector, you will fail your MOT. Suzuki motorcycles in Camborne sometimes fail because of this one reason.
  • Petrol Cap: Make sure that your cap is fitting properly and features a tight seal.
  • Horn: Press the horn to make sure that it works.
  • Tyres: Make sure that the motorcycle’s tyres are the right tread depth. They should be fitted correctly. At the same time, check the alignment of your The alignment should be fine unless you have been involved in a crash.
  • Footrests: The footrests should be tight and secured.
  • Chain: The chain should be lubricated. Also, check to make sure that the tension is correct.
  • Nuts and Bolts: All of the nuts and bolts should be tightened before an MOT inspection.

Other Important Checks

Other areas that you should check include the pads and brakes, seat, number plate, exhaust, steering, and suspension. If you do find an issue, have it checked further at a reputable garage.