“Easy Maintenence to do on Your Luxury Car”


Your luxury vehicle comes with a certain glamor. They are like movie stars on the screen.

They are beautiful and sleek with names that everyone can recognize. Their image ignites a

feeling of “cool.” When you drive down the street or park your car in the driveway, people notice. Maintaining your vehicle doesn’t have to be expensive and if you do it regularly and right, the life of your car will be prolonged and the money spent will be worth it.

When you first purchase your car, you will find a convenient manual inside the glove

compartment. If that handy booklet is nowhere to be found, you can always look it up online. For each car it is different. They will give you years and miles. It all depends on how often and where you drive but all the information is there.

Luxury cars may mean high maintenance for many, but that just means you are lengthening the life of your dream car. Why purchase luxury if you are not going to treat it as such? You have to

perform regular checks to make sure that your car is running properly and extra attention is sometimes required. There is no detail too big or too small. Pay attention to sounds and anything that feels odd. There are specific miles and time frames for when you should take your car in. This all depends on the make and model of your specific car but the most important thing you can do is listen to your car. Be knowledgeable in what certain sounds may be and if you hear something that sounds abnormal.

An important part of maintaining your car on your own is by checking the oil. To do this, park

your car on a level surface. Make sure the engine is switched off for approximately five minutes.

You want to make sure that the engine is not at operating temperature. Only start the engine

briefly to give the oil time to come down from the engine and into the reservoir. Pull the dipstick

out of the guide tube and wipe the oil off the stick. Slide it into the guide tube until it stops then pull it out again. If the level is between the min and max mark, the oil level is correct. If it is not correct, add as much oil as is necessary. This is the type of knowledge that could help you spend less money on maintenance for your european car down the road. Maintenance can cost a pretty penny when not done properly or in time.

You can also check your car’s cooling system. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water keeps the cooling system in proper shape and prevents corrosion and deposits from developing inside the system. Check the coolant level when the vehicle is on a level surface and the engine has cooled down. Always check to make sure that the engine is at working temperature. To check the temperature, turn the SmartKey to position 2 in the ignition lock and check the coolant temperature display in the instrument cluster. The temperature must be below 158 degrees to open the reservoir. If you need more coolant turn the cap half a turn counterclockwise and add coolant. This is a form of maintenance you can easily perform yourself but it is often overlooked.

Luxury cars can be expensive but it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money while you own it. Knowledge goes a long way. It is a priceless commodity that will help you take better care of the things that you love. Keep your car clean, check the engine regularly and listen for any odd sounds. If you hear anything unusual, take your car to a shop. Your car needs you to pay attention to it and if something seems off, it is important to check it. Perform maintenance regularly and you will find your car running smoothly during its prolonged life span.

Author’s short bio:

Ronaldo Hidalgo has spent over 10 years in the industry, working positions from technician, all the way to Service Manager. He decided it was time to do something that would bring customers confidence back in the automotive industry. Eurozone Motors is Los Angeles and Beverly Hills’ go-to European auto service center with certified mechanics. We specialize in the service & repair of all makes of Audi in Los Angeles, California.