Essential Tyre Care & Maintenance Tips

Tyre Care

Vehicle maintenance is not optional and if you want to get the most out of your drive, then regular trips to workshops is necessary. After all it’s about the safety of the driver and passengers. Tyres have a very important role to play in a vehicle’s performance and efficiency. It’s not easy keeping your tyres in top shape especially since they are in direct contact with the road. Tyres have to endure a lot, like harsh road conditions, different weathers, and unwarranted wear and tear. Here are a few tips to help you keep the wheels rolling in the best of shape and of course to know, when you should replace them. Considering the amount of beating tires in UAE take, it’s likely you’ll be replacing them at some point.

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Tread Wear

Worn tread is a key indicator that it’s time to replace the tyres and get new ones. Tread is the grooved sections on the tyre and it helps the tyre maintain traction in on rough roads and in different weather conditions. Tyres rubber gets hard and cracked with time and eventually the tread also wears down. This causes the vehicle to lose control, effecting road grip and handling.

There are different ways to check if the tread has worn down.

Penny Test – There’s a DIY method for the drivers to easily check the tread on the tyre by using a coin. Place it vertically between the tread grooves, carefully keeping an eye on how much coin is covered. Most tyres have tread depth of 32 inches, so anything below 3 indicates that the tyre has to be replaced.

Tread Wear Bar – All tyres have their own wear indicators, a small strip of rubber that runs vertical to the tread. Located underneath the tread groove, if you find the bars to be even with the surrounding tread then it’s a clear indication that you need new set of tyres.

Frequent Tyre Punctures

If you’ve been experiencing frequent flat tires then it’s time to visit the nearest tire shop or look for an online tire buying platform. When you go in to get the puncture fixed, mechanic will mostly likely examine the tread and if it’s completely worn then replacement will be recommended. Top brands like Nexen tyres have introduced run-flat technology that helps the tyre resist punctures. In case you do get one, it keeps the car under control and allows the driver to go up to 50 miles even after a puncture. Online shops like the Dubai Tyre Shop have an expansive inventory that allows the customers to choose according to their requirements.

Get the most out of your new tyres by taking them in for regular maintenance. Tyre care incudes checking for air pressure, tyre rotation, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment. The more you take care of the tires, the longer they will last and save you the expense of changing them completely.