How Cycling Can Help In Go Green Movement?


It is often said that green is the colour of life. Having said that, we mean, the green colour is associated with multiple meanings that summarily connotes life such as the freshness, growth, harmony and fertility. However, greenhouse gas effect has put the world on warning. Therefore, the green movement is the only solution to save the earth and the human races across the geographies. But, efforts are not enough here at this stage as it has been found the recent studies. The rising temperature of seawater and the increase in sea level are going to bring irreversible changes to Mother Nature. It is also forecasted that the next big thing would be the shortage of drinking water in some of the most advanced cities in the world. Maybe the shortage of drinking water would be the cause of war in the future.

Believe it or not, cycling can be a great contributor to protect nature and the green movement. Here is a list of things that you should know about cycling and its contribution to managing global warming.

  • Protecting life: You may be surprised to know that according to WHO (World Health Organisation) data, 1.25 million people died worldwide in road accidents in 2010 alone. This is quite an alarming figure. The worst part is that there no relenting on the number of deaths in road accidents. But, you have reasons to be happy knowing that with the introduction of cycling and the pedestrian roads, the number of road accidents has gone down drastically. This, in turn, is encouraging people to walk or cycle more and keep them physically fit and contribute to the green movement.      
  • No emission transport: Having said this, we mean, cycles do not emit carbon or fumes. Therefore, cycling to destinations keeps you fit and agile. You should know that more and more cities in the world are now introducing cycling and pedestrian roads having seen the success in it and thus contributing to the green movement.   
  • Managing biodiversity: With no carbon emission and the lesser number of road accidents, cycling has effectively contributed to biodiversity worldwide. It further connotes that cycling can be the next big thing in your life which is otherwise instrumental for the development of the local businesses as well.  
  • Noise pollution control: As the number of cars plying on road goes down, cycling is creating noiseless zones within the city limits. This greatly contributes to your wellbeing.    
  • Minimum land requirement: Unlike the cars, parking of cycles requires little space and thus, contributes to the green movement.  
  • Low household emission: According to a study, cycles reduce household emission of at least 6%.

Likewise, you will find many reasons to visit a bike shop in your local market and buy a cycle there. You know what your decision to use cycles can actually influence others thereby can bring a huge change in your locality. Some of the most advanced countries in the world have already earmarked areas for no vehicular movement such as the car and have made roads for pedestrians and cyclists. What your city is doing to go green?