Large Group Travel Solutions – Online Specialists


When 2 or 3 people are on holiday or travelling on business, hiring a car is the obvious choice, but when there are 6 or more people in the group, hiring a second car is an extra cost you hadn’t planned on. Most car hire companies would have a range of vehicles from a small urban hatchback to a large SUV, but even that would not be enough for more than 6 people, and with taxis costing a small fortune, it makes sense to source a car hire company that specialises in accommodating larger groups.

Online Solutions

There are such rental companies out there, and if you wanted a 7 seater car hire in Perth, for example, there are online suppliers who can accommodate your group, and at an affordable price. Large car hire companies would typically have a people mover, which can comfortably seat up to 8 people, and with all the luxury you would expect from such a vehicle, it makes large group travelling a pleasure. Some of the better rental companies would have a free quotation online form, and by clicking on the various options, you can receive an instant, obligation free quote for your desired vehicle.

Group Holidays

It is quite common for two families to team up for a joint holiday experience, and a single people mover would be the ideal transport solution, and much cheaper than hiring two separate vehicles. When you make your online booking, you can stipulate two or more drivers, which means a single person is not burdened with all the driving.

Advanced Bookings

When planning a holiday or business trip, it isn’t a good idea to leave things until the last minute. If you only wanted to rent a regular car, the chances are the rental company would always have something ready, but for a specialised vehicle, you had better book well in advance, then you can be sure there are no last minute surprises, which can really be a spoiler.

Affordable Rates

Some car hire companies price themselves out of the market, and once you have sourced the right vehicle, it won’t hurt to shop around and compare prices. The car rental industry is very competitive and with a little Internet browsing, you should be able to arrive at a fair price for the right vehicle.

Single Day Events

Very often a large group wish to join together for a unique day out. It might be a day at the races, or perhaps a wine tour, as a thank you to your loyal sales staff who have broken all the records this year, and if the number of people is more than a regular car could accommodate, a people mover is the ideal choice, and for that it would cost for a single day, it is by far the best transportation option.

While many car rental companies would stick to a set range of standard vehicles, there are a few that specialise in accommodating larger groups, but make sure you book well in advance, as people movers are very popular.