Special Auto Features and How to Find Them


If you are prepared to invest a little, you can transform your car into something that turns heads, with some spoilers, a few spotlights, and, of course, alloy wheels. The only limitation on what you do to your set of wheels is your own imagination, and with online suppliers of everything you need, you can build a car that really looks the part.

Alloy Wheels and Low-Profile Tyres

The squat look is in, and with an affordable alloys supplier in Plymouth who stocks 15-22 inch alloy rims, you are literally spoiled for choice. Quality makers such as:

  • Alloygator
  • Axe
  • Calibre

There are many makes of alloy rims out there, and the online supplier has them all, in all sizes, and with the right tyres from the same source, you have a set of wheels and shoes that are mad for your vehicle.

Bodywork Conversions

Full or half skirts will not only make your car look more sporty, they will also aid stability by creating a vacuum under the car, and at high speeds, this gives you more responsive cornering. Other features include front and rear spoilers, which are not just added for aesthetic reasons, and with the right body shop, the add-ons will look like they belong on the car.

Online Solutions

Whether looking for exceptional alloy rims, or a bodywork conversion, the online supplier has it all, and a secure online payment is all it takes to have the components dispatched to your home address. It won’t be long before your car in unrecognisable, even to you!