Things you should never do when renting a car


Renting a car seems the best idea you had in a long time, especially after you have done your research and know what to do. But have you taken into consideration the things you should never do when opting for an airport care rental?

Here are the things you should never do:

  1. Do not prepay for gasoline- getting the car back with the tank full is a thing all rental car companies ask their clients to do. Sure, they even can do it for you and sometimes this sounds like the best solution. Bu in fact, it is by far one of the worst decisions you can take. Asking the company to refill the gas tank will cost you double or triple. Instead of being lazy, you could actually save yourself some money and do it yourself at a normal gas station. You should only prepay for gasoline if you have a really early flight or you are absolutely sure you are going to bring the tank empty.
  2. Not checking for a gas station on your way out- sure, gas stations are all over the place, but when you opted for the cheap airport car hire you expected it to be cheap. If you go across the city to refuel when you have to return the car, you can be sure that at least a quarter of tank will be gone already. Then you will have to ask the company the refuel it for you and all those extra money you have been saving will be gone.
  3. Purchasing insurance- this is the most common mistake people do when renting a car. If you own a vehicle and then you rent a car, your vehicle’s insurance should cover the rental as well. In fact, the rental is like a replacement for your own vehicle as the policy states. Plus, it does not matter that the rented car is better than your vehicle, because you insurance should cover it as well. All you have to do is email or call your insurer and find out what are the terms of your insurance.
  4. Forgetting about checking the car- nothing is more important that checking the car’s inside and outside. Check for scratches, damages, chipped parts or anything that does not seem okay to you. Also, warm up the car, see if you can hear any strange noises, turn on the radio, air conditioner to check them out. If you forget to do so, somewhere along the way you might find that your airport car hire is broken. If you have not reported this issue you will pay for it.
  5. Crossing international borders- although passing cities borders is perfectly okay, passing the international ones is one thing the rental car company is not allowing you. Ask if you are in doubt.

All issues are resolved if you can only open your mouth and ask the questions you have or else you might have to suffer the consequences of your own actions.