What to look for when Financing a Car


A common misconception when purchasing a car is believing that it is an investment. It is quite the opposite, cars depreciate rapidly, the vehicle’s value often drops quicker than the consumer can repay their loan, this leaves the buyer in an undesirable position. Careful consideration of car finance will help an individual to purchase a reliable and affordable vehicle, helping customers choose the right model to best suit their needs.

Choosing a Dealer

Buying from a reputable and trustworthy car dealership will help save time and money, choosing a dependable dealer is advantageous if any future problems arise with the car. There are numerous ways to research an appropriate car dealership, the Internet is the easiest method, also, talking to previous customers, friends or family members can often be the most valuable source of information, these individuals will usually provide you with honest answers about their car and the companies they have dealt with. Each method of research will gradually point you in the right direction.

Shop around for the Best Quotes

It’s highly beneficial to visit a number of local car dealerships to collect quotes on car finance options, before deciding to settle on a particular company. Each dealer will offer a diverse range of services and products, such as insurance, breakdown assistance, unlimited mileage, etc., carefully considering each option will make the buyer’s decision a lot easier. Walking into the first dealership you see, and immediately deciding to purchase a car without any knowledge of the industry is not a wise move if you want to negotiate the best price available to you.

Car Selection

Once you’ve agreed on a model, be sure to know the price of that particular car, make use of car websites, magazines, and other sources to increase your knowledge of pricing. Whether you are buying a new or used model, you should be confident negotiating with car dealers to make sure you get the best possible price when you make that final purchase. The dealer will recognise that you are knowledgeable and that you expect to get a good deal.

Financing Quotes

The majority of car dealerships usually offers the best financing quotes to customers with excellent credit ratings, each dealership generally does business with various money lenders. In contrast, if you have a poor credit rating it is advisable to contact your local bank or credit union, either of these options may provide you with the most appropriate loan scheme. Once you obtain these quotes, you can use them as a bargaining tool when you talk to your car dealer about loan options.

Down Payment

Usually, aiming to put a 20 percent down payment on a car loan is advisable, it means you will have more affordable monthly repayments, it also gives you the chance to negotiate a lower interest rate. A large down payment lowers the risk of owning a car in which the consumer owes more money on the loan than the car is currently worth.

Most people need to borrow money to purchase a new or used car, the best option is to do a little research and decide on a car dealer who will provide you with the best possible car finance, products and services.