5 Tips for Washing Your Car in Winter


The wintertime can be a frustrating season – mainly because the cold, snow, and rain can make it difficult to do anything; let alone wash your car. When it comes to washing your car in winter, it can be a serious challenge. With the lower than usual temperatures, your car may freeze over in the middle of washing it. Also, you could risk washing your car right before a snow or hail storm, thus making all your efforts fruitless and in vain. Here are five tips for washing your car in winter.

  1. Check the weather before you wash. If you don’t check the weather, a number of things may happen. For instance, if the temperature is below freezing, it could cause your vehicle to freeze over. If there is a storm coming, it could make your car dirty again. So, you want to wait for the weather to be slightly moderate, sunny and above the freezing mark before you wash the vehicle. If your car freezes over, it could cause damage to the topcoat.
  2. Use cleaners that don’t require water. It may also be wise to use a cleaner that doesn’t require water. There are, in fact, many waterless car washing detergents and waxes that you can use. These formulas make it incredibly easy to wash your vehicle in the winter. Not only can water freeze on your car, but it can also be too cold to operate a hose, especially if you are getting a lot of splash back. So, using waterless cleaners can be a great alternative. If you live in an area where it dips below freezing and stays there all winter long, this method is definitely for you.
  3. Get your vehicle professionally detailed. Getting your car professionally detailed is by far the best way to give your vehicle a deep clean in the wintertime. For instance, Word of Mouth Auto Detailing Services will give your car a wash in a covered space and they will clean the interior of your vehicle. In the winter, there is a good chance that you will be spending a lot of time commuting in your car – with the heat blasting – so it can be nice to have a clean and spotless interior.
  4. Make sure that you wash your car in a covered carport. You can usually purchase covered carports from auto supply shops. These covered ports will allow you to clean and wash your car away from some of the elements. If you wash and wax your car in the direct sunlight – combined with the frigid cold – it could actually do some damage to your car.
  5. Use a sealant for your tires. If you wash your car when the weather outside is below freezing, you could risk causing damage to your tires. So, not only do you want to dry your tires, you also want to place a sealant on the rubber to prevent cracks and leaks. In the end, making sure your tires are in excellent condition is very important, especially when the roads are icy and dangerous.