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The Many Benefits Of Car Warranties

Anything that helps protect your investment is a good thing is it not? When it comes to your investment in your automobile, you must think of car warranties because they have a lot of benefits to offer. Salient features of a car warranty Think of a car warranty as an insurance against

Best Cars for New Drivers (Cheap to Insure Cars)

Though insurance premiums can be a costly expense, there are affordable options for new drivers, particularly when choosing a vehicle that is classified on the lower end of the insurance groupings.  Every vehicle on the market is assigned to one of the fifty (50) car insurance groupings.  These groupings are

Vehicle Tax Breaks for the Self Employed

There are a few important ways that you can reduce your tax bill if you’re self-employed and use your car or van for business use. There are various items that you can deduct from your business expenses income as running costs and expenses before you work your profits. But make