The Many Benefits Of Car Warranties


Anything that helps protect your investment is a good thing is it not? When it comes to your investment in your automobile, you must think of car warranties because they have a lot of benefits to offer.

Salient features of a car warranty

Think of a car warranty as an insurance against different kinds of breakdowns that your car can suffer from. Such an insurance:

  • Will be valid for a specific time frame
  • Can be renewed at the end of the period
  • Can cover specific components of your car or provide comprehensive coverage
  • Will come with added benefits such as roadside assistance.

It is extremely important for you to contact multiple car warranty dealers and also request for price quotes so that you get should know all the pros and calls of taking out a particular kind of warranty from one particular dealer.

Comprehensive policy vs. component policy

Car warranty dealers have the wherewithal to give you a comprehensive policy coverage which will include all the major components of your car. If you think this is not worth it or is not required, then you can certainly go in for a specific component based car warranty which will provide insurance for:

  • Electrical units in your car
  • Suspension
  • Engine
  • Ignition systems and fuel systems and even
  • Brake and clutch systems.

It would be a good idea for you to look into the repair history of your car before going in for car warranties because this will allow you to take the decision on whether to take a comprehensive policy or a component based policy.

What is excluded?

Depending on the warranty dealer that you go with and the plan that you have adopted, you will find that there are certain exclusions as far as your car warranty is concerned. Sometimes, these exclusions may be:

  • Parts that are prone to normal wear and tear such as wheels and tires
  • Add ons such as audio equipment and navigation systems
  • Damage done to the paint work and even
  • Catalytic converters that you may attach to your car.

These exclusions may come into play if and when you have asked an unauthorized mechanic to conduct the repair work on your car. They also come into play if you have missed the regular service schedules for your automobile. Sometimes, the car warranty dealer is also well within his rights to set aside your claims if they arise because of misuse of the vehicle.

Dealing with repair costs

Another huge advantage of car warranties is the fact that the plan allows you to deal with repair costs, especially for older vehicles. It is only after several years of ownership that your vehicle will start showing problems and in most cases, this is the time when the manufacturer’s warranties or standard warranties have expired. This is why you need the support of car warranties that can help you enjoy extended vehicle ownership without the hassle of frequent repair costs.

Thus, going in for car warranties from the right dealer can go a very long way in helping give you peace of mind and the ability to protect your investment.