The Three Most Common Car Engine Problems


Regardless of the make, model, or mileage of a car, engine troubles can happen at any time. While the best way to keep your engine and your vehicle running well is to take it in for regular checks, engine troubles can still occur. Regular maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you won’t run into problems. However, once issues arise, it is important to be able to recognise the signs that you may need servicing.

The sooner you seek servicing for your vehicle’s issues, the less costly they will be in most cases. To make sure you always seek servicing on time for all of your engine needs, here are the three most common signs that you need car engine tuning and diagnostic services in Newbury.

Engine Won’t Start

One of the worst cases for a driver is when their car won’t start. A no-start condition for your car can mean many things. For example, if you experience clicking, it is likely a problem with your battery. Cranking without starting is also indicative of a fuel or ignition problem. The following are a few other potential problems:

  • Corroded battery cables
  • Starter failure
  • Clogged fuel pump
  • Ignition switch failure
  • Defective fuel pump

Service Light Is On

While many people ignore their service light, it is important to take the warning seriously. If your service light comes on, you should seek repairs as soon as possible. One thing that may cause your engine light to come on is an oil leak, which may cause blue engine exhaust smoke. The following are a few other issues for which you should watch:

  • Missing or loose gas cap
  • Fuel quality issues
  • Worn out or damaged spark plugs

Vehicle Is Overheating

Last but not least, overheating is a common issue, especially in older cars. If your vehicle overheats, it can cause greater damages. Below are a few problems that lead to overheating:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Fan belt issues
  • Dirty filter
  • Broken or damaged radiator hose
  • Coolant problems