Three Signs Your Car Engine Needs a Cleaning


The engine of a car burns fuel which powers the entire vehicle. The byproducts of this system are smoke and carbon. Over time, the engine will build up a layer of carbon, and this can cause restricted airways and eventually further problems, such as an engine fire.

Before your car becomes dangerous to drive, there are two preventative steps that you can take. Make sure that you find a mechanic to perform an experienced engine carbon cleaning in Barry. Having someone ahead of time will help speed up the process when your car engine needs a cleaning.

Protect both yourself and the car by recognising a few top signs that your engine has carbon buildup. Every car owner should be aware of telltale signs that a mechanic needs to take a look.

  • Your engine does not run smoothly anymore
  • Vibration or shaking is felt in the steering wheel
  • Car jerking slightly at stops
  • Check engine light is on

If your car has these symptoms, then it may be time to have your mechanic see if the engine needs a carbon cleaning.

Preventative actions may help your engine last longer before you need a carbon cleaning, and it is important to know how to maintain a safe engine. Remember to get regular oil changes and make sure that you use the proper fuel for the car. If you drive the car primarily on back roads at a low speed, then you can take your car onto the motorway and open the engine up which will help push buildup out. In addition, consider a fuel additive as it may or may not help prevent carbon buildup. Ultimately, the best way to know if your engine needs carbon cleaning is to have it assessed for safety and driveability by a mechanic.