What is backhoe loader and how it is different?



It is one of the heaviest equipment which is used to load up heavy materials in the process of any type construction. The backhoe loaders can be used in big and small construction sites due to its flexibility functions. In terms of functions there is a slight change between the backhoe and the loader which many people don’t know. Most of the time it is considered as a one single unit.

Front Loader

New Holland Service Manual

tells that it is a heavy equipment which is used to load all kinds of heavy materials due to which it is also known as bucket loader, shovel loader and wheel loader. The loader is the part which is attached to the front side of the machine. It can move in different positions so that it can load different materials from the ground or anything else. The materials which can be loaded by the loader are asphalt, dirt, snow, demolition debris, gravel, logs, raw minerals, rock salt and sand wood chips. The loader part can be removed or also made permanent depending on the purpose of the whole machine. There is some other separate equipment attached to the loader instead of the bucket like forklifts, bale grapplers and clamshell buckets. The front loader is great for transporting piled up material from one place to another.

Backhoe Loader

It is also known as the rear or the back actor of the machine. This equipment can dig the ground much deeper unlike the front loader. It is usually mounted at the back end of the machine-like tractor. The reason this equipment is known as backhoe is because of the direction of the digging motion which it does.

The backhoe loader digs the ground from the backward direction. Due to the parts of the backhoe loader such as boom stick, dipper arrangement and the hydraulic power it can dig deeper in the ground. The bucket can be replaced by other parts for their specific usage. These parts which can be attached to the machine are tilt rotator, auger, grapple, breaker etc. There is a slight difference between the bucket size of the front loader and the backhoe loader which is that the backhoe loader has a smaller size bucket than the front loader.


Both machines are great for their own specific use whether the work is for digging the ground deep then backhoe loader is the right choice and when there is a great amount of material to be loaded then the machine with the bigger bucket which is the front loader is the right choice to go for. For more: http://www.repairloader.com