Plenty of Opportunities to Enter the Flatbed Trucking Industry


There are plenty of avenues to take when it comes to being a profitable and successful truck driver. And one of these channels is through the flatbed trucking industry.

For the past few years, this niche has seen an explosion in success. In fact, truck tonnage continues to increase month after month, particularly in the past couple of years. Consumer confidence is increasing, and the subsequent increase in spending is helping the US economy flow again.

As consumer spending power increases, so purchases of big-ticket items like automobiles. And the more automobiles being sold and in demand, the more they need to be shipped across the country from their manufacturing warehouses.

The housing industry is also picking up. And the more homes being built, the more materials are needed, which need to be brought in from manufacturers to the construction destination.

That’s where flatbed truckers come into the picture.

Such hauls require the specific use of a flatbed to make transportation of these items much easier and more convenient. The economy and demand for these specialized services are healthy, but the industry continues to experience a shortage in flatbed truck drivers.

Now is as good a time as ever to find jobs with flatbed trucking companies, considering how in-demand these services are. And the drivers that are out there right now are nearing retirement age, which means there is even more of a pressing need to fill these positions.

It’s estimated that nearly one million drivers will be attracted to the motor carrier industry over the next decade or so in order to accommodate the increase in demand. There’s no reason why you can’t be a part of that number.

At Landstar, we can help you land the perfect flatbed trucking job to help you take your career to the next level.