Why Should You Regularly Service Your Car?


There are several good reasons to regularly service your vehicle, it helps maintain your engine and decreases the chance of breakdowns and other issues. Some car owners are under the impression that it is not important to schedule frequent maintenance checks, this could not be further from the truth and failing to take care of your vehicle will result in a multitude of problems.

  • Protection

Regular maintenance and servicing will help to detect potential problems with your vehicle, it is better to deal with smaller issues rather than giving them time to develop into major problems. Frequent servicing by a qualified mechanic or car maintenance technician will ensure your vehicle is running properly, they can perform crucial checks on vital systems in your car such as your brakes and steering wheel compartment. Cars are like any other machines, they suffer daily wear and tear, and corrosion and degradation sets in, the best solution for vehicular deterioration is to conduct regular maintenance checks.

  • Cost

It is wiser to recognize a problem, identify a solution, and act upon it, rather than leaving the problem until it cascades into a major issue. If you notice that there may be something wrong with your vehicle it is better to fix it before you end up paying a huge amount of money for a larger problem. For example, if you fail to check your engine oil and drive about blissfully ignorant of the damage you are doing to your car it will soon seize. An engine seizure is a major issue which requires a whole new engine which is not a cheap undertaking. In addition, if you neglect to service your vehicle it will increase your chances of suffering a breakdown which is highly inconvenient and costly.

  • Durability

A well maintained, properly serviced vehicle is extremely durable and will last a long time out on the road, in contrast, a poorly maintained car will develop a host of problems. The more time and effort you put into looking after your car, the longer it will run at its maximum capacity. Nobody wants to continuously deal with vehicular complications, so if you are looking at car servicing in Canberra, there are several options which can help you to increase your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

  • Resale Value

At some point in time you may choose to sell your vehicle and upgrade to a new or more suitable model. If you fail to take care of your vehicle the re-sale or trade in price will be far lower than expected. A mechanic will take one look at your car and know straight away whether you have bothered to properly maintain your vehicle. Customers who wish to buy a used car will want to know all about its history and regular service records will be high on the list. Vehicles with a frequent service background will re-sale for a better price than a neglected model.

You should not dismiss the importance of regular maintenance, it has several advantages and associated benefits.