3 Reasons Why You Should Dispose Of Your Old Car At Your Local Scrap Yard In The UK.


Many of us remember our first car that we ever bought. It was an older model because that is all that we could afford at such a young age but it was new to us. That car was the one that took us everywhere and we have fond memories of days out with our friends. It wasn’t the best looking car but it got us to where we wanted to go and back. In the UK, we tend to create an emotional attachment with our cars and even have names for them, so when the time comes to resigning it to the scrap heap, it is a difficult moment.

There is a suitable final home for your old car and it is at your local scrap yard. There are a number of places that offer experienced scrap car services in Hinckley and they provide very responsible services.

  1. They are registered with the local environment agency and so do their bit for the environment by disposing of your car responsibly. They de-pollute it by draining out harmful substances and give you a certificate of destruction.
  2. They will come and pick up your old car with their mobile crane lorry to save you the hassle of transporting it to their yard.
  3. If you decide to deliver the vehicle yourself, they will pay you immediately upon receipt for its scrap value. Even when it won’t start or move, you can still get money for it.

Do the responsible thing with your old car and let these guys dispose of it responsibly. You will be doing your bit for the environment and also making some money.