5 Summertime Myths Regarding Car Care

Mechanics at work

Some myths and half-truths revolving around car care during summer time are mostly untrue; however, some are true. For instance, during summer, there could be different assumptions to take care of your car, which might have several damages to your car when undertaken without being taken seriously.

Below are some of the false summer myths or half-truths.

  1. Putting plain water in  your radiator in the summer

Putting plain water in your radiator might damage your vehicle. A designed fluid called an engine coolant helps to reduce corrosion and rust in the power plant. Years back, however, people used plain water in radiators, which caused corrosion and rust, which was mostly evident when vehicles went for servicing. However, during summer, it is necessary to ensure your vehicles are well sprayed with Nexgen Ceramic Sprays to ensure they keep the polish. Therefore, before adding water to your vehicle, ensure that it can take water as a coolant and not the designed engine coolant.

  1. Service cars at the dealer or void your warranty

This myth is not true, a blatant lie. Once you get your car from the dealership, then you can serve it anywhere you want. One can even hire a private mechanic to work with them. This myth may be used by dealers in order to get more money from their clients, considering services at the dealer are far more expensive than dealing with independent mechanics. Additionally, for better car maintenance, one may consider Torque detail to enable and maintain the new car’s shine.

  1. Replace your transmission fluid every  30,000 miles

This statement is half-true. With the upgrade of cars everyday, there is no need to have the transmission fluid changed that often. However, this may happen if one had a bad driving habit or is careless with their driving. Additionally, this may be true if you use an old car you might need to get frequent changes.  Also, it is necessary to check for leaks to avoid inconveniences. Additionally, to keep maintaining good paintwork, one may consider using liquid wax such as seen in many Turtle wax ice reviews.

  1. Automatic car was causes damage

This statement is relatively true. An automatic car wash may cause damage compared to a manual wash. The damage can be costly. The automated car wash will damage your paint. The damage is visible even after one visit. The shine and gloss will be gone leaving your car looking dull. Additionally, they may damage your car engine if left running since the cold water hitting on heated areas will affect some electric components such as the radiator. Therefore, if one is still considering using the automatic car wash, one should read about the automatic car wash damage

  1. Driving with open windows reduces fuel economy

This is a half truth statement. For this technique to work then the reduction of gas mileage will work better in small and aerodynamically designed vehicles. Therefore, for big vans and lorries this plan does not work

Many people will create myths that will mislead others; hence it is necessary for one to research and know about whatever they have heard, whether true or false. Additionally, others will use these myths for their benefit. Therefore, one must research and know the facts first before following them to avoid causing damage to your vehicle.