Driving a Van In The United Kingdom


Driving a van in the UK requires a valid driver license and compliances to the law. A driver needs to fulfill legal requirements to drive a van in the UK. You need to understand the rules, speed limits, legal driving hours and weights associated to the vans. An individual has to fulfill the minimum age requirements in order to drive a van in the United Kingdom. Britain maintains various parking restrictions for the citizens; if you are willing to drive in Britain then you must have complete knowledge about the road markings in the UK.

There are several laws protecting drivers from accidents and ensure safety for the masses. All the laws make sure that van drivers show responsibility while driving a van in the UK. They need to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of pedestrian through the responsible driving. The driver should ensure the fitness of the van on the road. However, taxes should have paid in advance and insurance should be updated to drive a van in the UK legally. For the cheapest one way van rental prices, please visit http://www.onewayvanhire.co/

Britain Driving Regulations

These regulations cover speed limits on the road, parking tips and driving with the highway code of conduct. The following are basic rules of driving a van on the roads in the United Kingdom:

  • Always drive your van on the left side of the road.
  • Always overtake any vehicle on the road from the right side.
  • Don’t constantly use the middle lane if there is low traffic.
  • Always give a chance to the vehicle coming from the right side of the roundabout.
  • Always obey the traffic signals and road signs.
  • Always give a path to the ambulance, firefighting, and emergency vehicles.
  • Use of van horn is strictly prohibited in highly populated areas so make sure you use the horn in emergencies only.
  • Don’t use mobiles when driving the van on the road in the UK. In case of emergency, stop the car aside and use the mobile.
  • The minimum age of the driving van is 17 years in the UK.
  • Most importantly, a valid driving license issued by the competent authority.


Parking a van is a real challenge in Britain. Different regulations restrict drivers to follow the law when parking a car in the UK. Parking violating imposes heavy fines in the parking. Therefore, all the van drivers must be careful when parking cars on the roads.

Yellow & Red Lines Parking

The parking lines on the road are helpful for the drivers to park their vans. The single yellow line shows that there are no restrictions of parking the van on the road. The van drivers frequently use the yellow line to pick up passengers from different stops all over the UK. The double yellow lines restrict drivers to park their vehicles to the place. Similarly, the red lines don’t allow drivers to park their cars on the road at specific times while double red strictly prohibits to park car all the times.