How to Safely Dispose of Your Old Car


If your vehicle has reached the end of its life cycle, you must ensure you dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. A vehicle typically reaches the end of its useful life when it has been in a bad accident or it has gotten too old to drive – naturally after about 12 years.

Rated car breakers in Worthing are on hand to scrap your car at a competitive price. Most reputable vehicle disposal companies will also collect your car and bring it to their scrapyard for demolition. Before you bring your vehicle to the scrapyard or have it collected by a disposal company, you should carry out a series of checks. These must include:

  • Clearing out the boot.
  • Checking the glove compartment.
  • Looking under the seats.
  • Removing any valuable items like entertainment systems.
  • Taking out charger and other accessories.

Table of Contents

Quality Disposal Services

When disposing of an old vehicle, a car that has been written off or failed a MOT, you will need to precure the services of an experienced disposal company. They should offer to collect your vehicle if it is no longer in a good enough condition to drive.

A reputable disposal company should be able to deal with all types of makes and models and be able to offer a free quotation when you contact their business. In addition, you should only deal with a company who is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and the DVLA, this ensures you’ll be given a certificate of destruction on completion of the transaction.