How To Tell If You Need To Change Your Car’s Rims


The rims mercedes Benz cars have perfectly fitted on its wheels have a more important role than just adding to the vehicle’s elegance and beauty. While most drivers and car owners only think about the importance of the wheels and tires, the rims also play a valuable part: maintaining tire pressure. Once one of the rims sustain major damages, the wheels and tires will also get damaged, rendering the entire vehicle useless.

Assessing The Damage

One of the reasons why the rims on a vehicle aren’t given as much attention as the tires is because it can be difficult to detect damage. A flat tire is very obvious to spot and also easy to change without professional help, but the same cannot be said about the rims Mercedes have on its wheels.

In fact, many of the signs of a leaking tire can also point to a damaged or ill-fitting rim. For those without prior experience with damaged rims, it is best to seek professional help at this point, especially when the wheels have recently hit a curb.

What To Do After A Bumping The Wheels

A curb-check or any accident involving the vehicle and a stationary object such as another car or the curb of a street may not seem very serious at first. The initial reaction of most drivers, even those with decades of experience is to drive away, but this can put you at risk. Hitting a curb can result in a serious wheel and tire damage that can quickly affect your control over the vehicle while on the road.

It is best to stop and inspect the wheels for signs of serious damage. Before driving off, give your entire car a once-over and pay close attention to the area where the accident occurred. Even when there is no sign of physical damage, drive to the nearest empty parking lot and test your car’s alignment.

Common Signs Of Wheel, Tire, And Rim Damage

Although hard to tell apart whether the damage is on the wheel, tries, or rims these are the common signs that the curb-check accident has affected your vehicle:

Frequent Flat Tires – This can be a sign that the fitting of the rim was affected, therefore affecting tire pressure which results in frequent flat tires.

Cracks And Broken Edges – Anytime there are cracks or the edges of the rims are broken, this is a serious indication that they require immediate replacement.

Inspection Is Necessary

With or without signs of damage, if the curbside accident was very intense it is in your best interest to schedule an overall vehicle inspection. Many times the damage done on the wheels and rims are internal and cannot be seen by the untrained eye. The effects of the minor accident can suddenly manifest at the most inconvenient of times making your vehicle a safety hazard on the road.

In cases where your car was never involved in any curbside accidents, it is still best to get the rims, wheels, and tires inspected regularly. Scheduling an inspection twice a year will ensure the longevity of the parts as well as your safety while driving.

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