LocoNav – The New Tracking Genius in the Indian Market


As a car owner in India, you can never be oblivious to the rampant occurrence of automobile theft. Lack of employment, along with struggles to make ends meet, has made carjacking a familiar headline. Motor vehicle theft cases in the year 2018 were reported to be 44,158; a staggering number when we look at the data from the past 20 years. If these statistics are not enough to scare you, then consider the car insurance providers breathing down your neck, minting money from the slightest accident or damage possible.

Not just for private vehicles, even commercial vehicle owners are privy to these problems. The automobile industry was in dire need to witness a remarkable shift in paradigm. So when LocoNav stepped into the market, the industry stood up to take notice. India’s leading fleet management and tracking solutions provider, LocoNav is the startup with the thirst to make a difference. The brainchild of Vidit Jain and Shridhar Gupta, this dynamic organization is motivated to alter the face of the way automobiles function in India, and the results are already showing.

After a comprehensive market research, the co-founders were able to determine the roadblocks that were being faced by millions of transporters in India. Lack of efficiency and security ranked at the top of the list, and LocoNav was determined to change that. The idea behind their services is simple: every business should incur reduced cost of operations, have greater security and quicker turnarounds.

The company was conceived in 2015, and has not looked back since. This Delhi-based startup provides services with regards to fleet management, tracking systems and telematics solutions.

Impacting a Diverse Demography

From large scale transporters to private vehicle owners, LocoNav has been successfully impacting a mixed bag of consumers. After employing their services, business owners have reported a more structured and automated operations process.

What They Offer

LocoNav has catapulted to the top by providing fleet management and telematics solutions, majorly to transporters in India. GPS tracking and diagnostic reporting are other features that they dole out, to commercial as well as private vehicle owners alike.

A leading shipping and logistics organisation has implemented their solutions into their business, and they could not be happier. “LocoNav provides us with a means to incorporate technology in our business practice, especially with telematics. We saw a more cohesive functioning in our supply chain, and our logistics department is almost completely automated. Our manpower is thriving, all thanks to LocoNav!”, a senior logistics and supply chain manager from the aforementioned organisation was quoted as saying.

You can employ their services to get a customised dashboard for your business, which can help you keep a track on fuel consumption, speeding, remote locking/unlocking. They also provide a mobile application for your ease of access.

LocoNav also provides comprehensive reports on vehicle health and other automobile diagnostic data, which is pivotal for vehicle maintenance and upkeep. This startup is the one to watch out for, with their services being present in 100+ cities throughout India.