Pre-owned cars are better than brand-new cars, here is why.


Brand new cars are very tempting and very enticing to buy especially that it comes with the best technological innovation and features that will totally provide you the much-needed comfort and convenience in driving a car, however, not every one of us can afford a brand new car which is why a lot of people prefers to buying pre-owned cars for a lot of reason, especially when it comes to practicality.

Also, brand-new cars are easily depreciated. The depreciation starts off as soon as you drive it off of the dealership, and what makes it even unfortunate is that its depreciation rate continues to increase year after year of use, that is why if you are planning to buy a car, you should choose used cars.

A vast majority of American car owners loves their brand-new car for two to three years’ and trade it away to a dealership in exchange for the newest model available in the market depending on the brand they prefer.

Brand-new cars usually cost around $40,000 to $50,000 dollars and high-end as well as luxury cars cost more than that and can even reach up to more than $100,000 and its value will only instantly decrease once the owner uses it.

Used cars are way cheaper than brand-new, the common used-cars which are certified pre-owned, meaning it was inspected, and refurbished after it was turned over by the owner sells at $20,000 to $30,000 and take note, these used-cars used to be the top models in the market after it was released by car makers.

So why you should buy a used car? This is because, used cars only lost its value due to depreciation but everything in it is still fine-tuned and in well-condition as the law requires dealerships to sell only certified pre-owned cars which means that it has undergone extensive inspection to certify that it does not have issues or history of any accidents that may affect its performance once the new owner drives it.

Also, used cars undergo a certified pre-owned program where it will be evaluated closely by the dealership mechanics to ensure that it can pass the qualifications for certified pre-owned. Cars that have problems and issues before these were traded into a used-car dealership are not accepted.

Certified pre-owned cars can only be qualified and can be sold to new owners if it passed all the quality tests that they set to ensure that the cars they display at their parking lot or warehouse are in great condition just like the cars displayed at one of the best pre-owned car dealerships in california.

Most of the pre-owned cars that you can buy are those that only suffered from depreciation which are two to three years old since it was launched by its respective brands and makers. These cars usually do not have major issues, it is just that its previous owners decided to trade it in so that they can purchase brand-new cars to keep themselves up with the trend, or they have something that they like when it comes to the innovative features of brand-new cars. For great quality pre-owned cars click this page.