Stay Warm Inside While Your Vehicle Warms up Outside with Remote Start


There is nothing worse than having to leave your warm home or office to go out in the cold weather just to start your vehicle. You go back in, and wait, and wait until the defroster has done its job and you can simply brush your windows off and safely drive away. Then there are the days you do not have patience for this and just simply clean a small part of your window, enough to see out, risking and accident or worse just because you are in a rush. Now imagine simply being able to hit a button on a key fob and your car, truck, SUV or crossover comes to life and starts defrosting it for you. Refrigerators have been self-defrost for years, so why not have a vehicle that self-defrosts. You can by simply installing a remote start system from Tech Teinte in your car, truck, SUV or crossover.
How a remote starter is installed

A remote starter is installed inside your vehicle and attaches to the wiring system of your ignition. Depending on what you want the remote starter to do, it can also be wired to other systems such as your climate control, lights and door locks. Remote start uses a small module that is controlled remotely with a key fob to turn your vehicle on, turn the climate control system on and lock or unlock your doors. If you are not familiar with your vehicle’s wiring system, especially in today’s high tech vehicles, it is always better to have remote start installed by a professional. If you are having remote start installed in a vehicle that is still under factory warranty, you should also visit your dealership to be sure it will not void your warranty, or simply have them install a factory-authorized system for you. Remote start installation can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and will pay for itself by adding to the resale value of your car, truck, SUV or crossover. If your vehicle already has power locks, you can save money by only having the remote start actually start your car and turn on the climate control. Installation typically takes just a few hours and you will be back on the road ready to use your new system.

As little as 10 years ago, remote starters were looked at as something expensive you only install on luxury cars for the rich. Today, they are an affordable convenience that can keep you from freezing in the cold weather as well as keep you safe while your car warms up. Remote starters can also keep your vehicle secure by triggering the locks when you are a certain distance from the car, and unlock your car when you get close, just in case you forget. Remote start is also a feature that people sometimes search for when looking for a used car, which can help put more money in your pocket when it is time to sell or trade-in your vehicle on something new. Remote starters are convenient, inexpensive and add safety, comfort and value to any vehicle.