Three Reasons to Sell Your Motorbike Online in 2019


With the new year upon us, now might be the time to consider whether you really still want to hang on to that motorbike sat in the garage.

A new year is the perfect time for a change, whether you don’t ride as much as you used to and could do with the extra cash, or just want to upgrade to a new model, so here are three of the top reasons why you might want to sell your current bike in 2019.

Time for an Upgrade

Perhaps you’ve got some Christmas money to use up, or maybe you’ve just decided that you deserve to treat yourself, but sometimes it’s just time to upgrade to a newer model.

If you are looking at upgrading, it’s worth considering part exchanging rather than just selling your old bike.

If you sell the bike outright, you probably will get a better price for it (depending on a few factors such as how you choose to sell it), but there are benefits to part exchanging too.

Primarily though, it’s the simplest and most straightforward solution to selling your bike and you can be riding your brand new bike the very same day.

Your Old Bike Has Seen Better Days

Owners can sometimes get pretty attached to their bikes, which sometimes means that we hold on to them for that little bit longer than we should.

Maybe the new year is the perfect time to take a look at your current machine and weigh up whether it’s still really performing as well as it should be doing.

The longer you hang to a bike as its condition deteriorates and its mileage increases, the less you’ll get for it when you do eventually come to sell it.

For this reason, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade every couple of years or so, to ensure that you’re getting the most value for money.

You Need the Cash

Sometimes parting with your pride and joy might be a decision that’s partly been taken out of your hands!

If you’re particularly strapped for cash after the Christmas and New Year period, selling your bike could just give you that cash boost that you need.

It might be a last resort, but in some situations, it’s important to prioritise. If this is the case, there are lots of sites that can very quickly value your bike and arrange to take them off your hands, such as who can have cash in your account within 24 hours!

Either way, bikes can be expensive to run and maintain, so it’s important to know when one is being more of a burden than they should be and cut your losses.

So, if you have decided that the time has come to call time on your current motorbike and it’s time to sell up, check out this post from Biker & Bike for some tips to get rid of it quickly (and for the most money) and start thinking how might be the best way to sell the bike.