Top Reasons Why Isuzu D Max Is A Good Buy


The Isuzu Motors is a Japanese automobile company. It was founded in 1916. This leading company manufactures commercial vehicles, utility vehicles and also diesel engine segments. This brand is coming up with unique and upgraded versions of vehicles consistently and they never fail their customers. One such vehicle is the Isuzu D Max.

A mini truck which can be used as a personal vehicle as well as a commercial is the Isuzu D Max. A cross between a mini truck and a personal vehicle is the main essence of this vehicle. Here are some reasons as to why investing in this vehicle would be a good purchase.

Variants: There are two types of models that come under the Isuzu D max; single cab which is priced at Rs. 7,72,000 and a double cab which is priced at Rs. 9,09,000.

Engine: This truck runs on a 4 cylinder, common rail, VGS turbo cooled diesel engine. It reaches a displacement of around 2500 cc. The maximum power this vehicle can produce is 134 bhp and a maximum torque achieved is 320 Nm. The mileage of this vehicle goes up to 14.4 kmpl.

Steering Gear: A four gear transmission system is installed. The responsive rack and pinion steering provides firm control over which assures safety and an enjoyable ride in the vehicle.

Terrain Command: This vehicle has been designed in a way that is has a low center of gravity. Along with this, this vehicle comes with a wide wheel track and the suspension that is experienced results in exceptional stability when it comes to the static factor.


  • Exterior Design-

Bi- LED Lamps This mini truck is enabled with an advanced headlamp that provides both high beam as well as low beam. These LED DRLs ensures the driver visible, clear and bright light during the night as well as in the daylight conditions.

18 inch Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Alloy wheels that have been cut precisely to 18 inch, not only ensures firm handling capabilities, but also gives an eye catching look to the vehicle as it makes it look more muscular.

Fog Lamp Chrome Bezel + Shark Fin Antenna This adds as a touch up to the entire look of the mini truck along with the shark fin antenna which completes the look with an aesthetic tint.

  • Interior Design-

Sporty Brown Leather Seats The interiors of the vehicle give a luxurious look due the excellent quality of the leather seats.

Here is a visual understanding of how the vehicle looks like and the way it functions. There are many good reviews about this mini truck by Isuzu and what’s the most attractive part about this truck are its colours. The rich colours give the vehicle a premium look all together. Not only are the looks of this truck the reason to purchase this, but the functioning and the performance of this vehicle is top notch.