Why to Choose 2021 Chevrolet Colorado as your next Pickup?

Chevrolet Colorado

Whenever opting for a pickup truck, you should ask yourself a few questions like how much towing capacity one should have, payload capacity, powertrain available, pricing, and various other aspects. In most fronts, the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado comes up at top and is the reason as to why you should choose it as your next pickup truck.  Just know a few things about it and then rush to Jacksonville Chevrolet dealer to get your trim.

Why to choose Colorado as your next pickup?

Three distinct aspect of Colorado has led people to choose this truck over any other. These include powertrain, towing capacity, interior, etc. Have a look!

  • Payload and towing

Whenever people buy a pickup, the first thing they inquire about is the vehicle capability of towing, payload, and mileage it would offer. Hence, the list should start with the towing ability of Colorado, which in itself shows why you should choose this vehicle.

2021 Chevy Colorado offers a maximum towing ability of 7,000 pounds for the V6 engine models and 7700 pounds for the diesel powertrain. However, to efficient trail 7700 lbs with the diesel powertrain, an individual requires opting for the package Trailering Equipment.

However, the base Colorado can tow only 3500 lbs, which is why people always opt for the diesel option or V6 engine variant. Also, Colorado comes with trail sway control that allows easy handle of trailer swaying when on road and if sways excessively then auto brake is applied for safer driving aspect.

  • Three powertrains

Different engines are offered to satisfy different needs of different people. The base model is a4-cylinder option which has been paired with auto six-speed transmission. However, most people opt for the V6 engine as it provides 308-hp when mated with auto 8-speed or the diesel version that is known for its massive torque of 369 lb-ft.

The base model might feel week especially when compared with other pickups, the V6 and diesel trim offers more than what other pickups of this class are capable of providing. The diesel model though offers less horsepower than the V6; its primary power is its towing strength, which is mentioned earlier and its fuel efficiency.

Mileage offered by this vehicle 24 mpg (highway) and 17 mpg (city) for the V6 powertrain, while the diesel variant provides 30 mpg (highway) and 20 mpg (city). The base model earns 25 mpg (highway) and 19 mpg (city).

  • Interior and pricing

The interior can be customized for certain trims, but is mostly made of upscale materials that make this truck look aesthetically pleasing. Massive space for passengers is a bonus along with enough legroom. Storage cubbies, touchscreen infotainment display, and more are some of things you should check out when in Chevy dealership Jacksonville.

The price to 2021 Chevrolet Colorado starts from $26,400 but is it better to purchase the ZR2 version, which costs $43,800 approximately. However, the Z71 model is also not a bad option which costs $36,000 approx. You can take a test drive and then decide which version would be more suitable; ZR2 or Z71! For now, book your test drive before purchasing one.