How to choose articulating forklifts


A forklift is a small vehicle, which is necessary for transporting loads from 1 ton. The difference between the truck and the forklift is that for working on the forklift, the driver is required specially trained for driving and the control. Types of articulating forklifts are quite a few; they vary depending on the capacity, distance of transportation as well as many other technical characteristics. Loaders are technically equipped with the tool that has a small turning radius that allows you to use the loaders to small stores that require high maneuverability. The articulating forklifts can be used in large warehouses and are capable of transporting goods across long distances. The carriage is installed in the front fork, for the transportation of over-sized cargo, or tongs, for transportation of over-sized cargo. The articulating forklifts can also be equipped with other devices, which serve for engagement of a load; such trucks are considered like already highly specialized technical means.

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The choice of the loader

When choosing a forklift, you need to decide for what tasks you will use the loader, and what specifications are most important: will this technical tool to be used in the warehouse or on the street, what is the mass of the cargo will need to carry in which mode you are operating the forklift. And, of course, the issue price is also not in last place. For proper selection of technical tools it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all its characteristics. The loader is evaluated by the following indicators:

  • The required maximum load capacity,
  • The required lifting height,
  • Resource of the work of the loader
  • Safety conditions,
  • Engine type of the loader
  • The presence of additional options for non-standard items,
  • The dimensions of the loader,
  • Transmission type (automatic, hydrostatic or hydrodynamic),
  • The type used for forklift tire (e.g., tire or pneumatic).

These indicators are the most important when choosing articulating forklifts, but there are about 50 all the technical specifications, and they also have to be analyzed at the time of purchase of the articulating forklifts. Here is a brief overview of the main factors that should be followed when determining the suitable type of articulating forklift.


One of the most important characteristics of the forklift is its capacity. Diesel Forklifts has the largest carrying capacity. But the minus of these trucks are their intense release of exhaust gases, so these machines should be used in an open space. For closed storage areas such truck is of little use, since it involves the use of mandatory requirements as having good ventilation and a catalyst as the truck makes a lot of noise, which also must be considered. Carrying capacity of the gas and gasoline articulating forklifts below and generally does not exceed 3-4 tonnes.

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