Tips to choose the counter-balance forklifts


The counter-balance forklifts are the main “work horses” in a progressive industry. Warehouses, manufacturing plants, distribution centers are in dependent on multiple types of trucks and volumes, ensuring a smooth implementation of working activities. Any other type of work needs to have a truck for unloading only their own supplies originating hour or two a day. Either way, the presence of counter-balance forklifts which is capable to scrupulously fulfill your specific problem, is considered important.

The desire to buy the counter-balance forklifts is considered as a big investment for small businesses, and consumers need to make sure that they will get such equipment, which will carry out all the required operations without the overpayment to it. Before you begin to choose the counter-balance forklifts, you need to talk with distributors, you will need to determine which tasks will be carried out the equipment.

The counter-balance forklifts are designated by the greatest weight of the cargo, which they raise, starting from 1000 and ending with 48000 kg or more.

Later, you have to orient the appropriate carrying capacity and the type of drive, start the consideration of additional options.

Forklifts delivered with 2 basic types of tire: pneumatic (inflatable) and puncture (sometimes referred to as “superelastic”).
The most costly puncture tires are ideal for places with a risk of cuts (for example: steel firms, recycling scrap metal, match glass, nails, etc.). This option connects the inside advantages of pneumatic tires (springiness, grip) and retaining wheels and is considered more expensive of all types. Sales consultant equipment shall be able to give competent advice of a preferred embodiment for any particular option.

One of the main factors that characterize the vendor is a whole range of services offered by him. It is not just about selling, but also on ensuring future maintenance and servicing, spare parts, etc. Gathering information about the services of maintenance, make sure that:
For maintenance were used filters and original equipment manufacturer replacement parts, certified oils, lubricants, technical liquids;
The average cost per out maintenance are optimal and competitive;
Pricing service when the service has been transparent. Some service companies practice to assign value to the customer out the mechanics vary depending on day of week, time of day, time of year, the coefficients used for “old age” truck, etc. Try to avoid it.

Rare company-seller of the counter-balance forklifts does in its advertising without a mention of its own client-oriented. Yes, the client – is the main value of the company. But we must pay attention not to the words, but to the things which are behind them. And for them, there should be a feedback system that allows the customer really affects the operation of the vendor or service provider.

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